I think that Old Man Dog would really love being called dog guru. I can see him giving an approving head lift and nod before resting it back on his paw for another nap. An old man needs lots of naps :)

Aw. I love a dog story. This morniing my hubby showed me a little video where a guy reported on a lost dogs home, and this dog hugged his leg and would.not.let.go. Needless to say he took him home. My heart hasn't solidified since. So beautiful.

Dogs are such pure souls, can't help but love them :)

They seriously make me smile. I just went into the local whole foods and the house across the road has their lounge room facing the straight. There are two dogs there that sit on the couch and rest their chins on the back of it to watch the street. They are the cutest things ever and make me smile . I really want to get a dog again xx

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You absolutely should get one. In particular a shelter dog. Mine give me so much happiness, and for people that have anxiety they have a very calming in-the-moment presence.

My hsuband spends his morning showing me amusing dog videos. Then he says he would let his.doggies on the couch and in.the bed and I start having an OCD meltdown. We will get dogs after the next travelling stint. And when we work out more stable work hours and a dog pen.

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I trust you two will figure it out :)

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