7 LIFE RULES that I follow

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1⃣️ My past does not define my future. If something is in the past I let it stay there. In case I feel uncomfortable with some past events I try to sort out the situation and stay in peace with the past.

2⃣️ Believe it or not but I don't care so much what others think of me. I mean people who are not so close to me and their opinion does not affect me at all. What they claim is wrong or right does not define my way of living . I live by my own rules. Only my family and few closest friends opinion does really matter to me.

3⃣️ I've learned that time heals almost everything. Just need to give it enough time. The pain deep down in your soul starts to hurt less in a time till it turns into a scar. So I've realized that these scars actually made me stronger. And next time life challenges me I will face it with less fear.

4️⃣ I am the only one to be responsible of my own happiness not anyone else. Putting all my efforts to find peace and joy in life is the best thing I am trying to do each and every day. For instance I am kind of person who likes to make small gestures for others even if there is no any occasion. And with no expectations for anything in return. Others happiness is what makes me happy.

5️⃣ What I never do is to compare my life with others. Since I have no idea what their life journey is all about as well as they don't have about mine, I am not the one to judge them. But is not the same when it comes to me. Here I always come back to rule #2

6️⃣ My life is here and now. A new opportunity is waiting out there to be grabbed. So less thinking, more action. Without fear, without imaginary problems and no time to postpone - only the action remains.

7️⃣ Last rule is simple but very important and really helps me a lot. Smile!😁
When I smile even my darkest day gets brightened and if I get a smile back my day becomes just perfect.


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