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“Whatever, stay mediocre then.”

Some people are winning. These winners who aren’t family, that’s what they’re thinking of you.

You make their life easier when you don’t try. When you don’t compete. When you don’t strive. When you give up. When you don’t have enough self-discipline to pull it off.

They could care less. You’re out of their way, and they’re that much closer to their goals.

Majorly successful people are relentless when it comes to achieving their goals. They don’t have time for you, not until they make it. If you think otherwise, you’re simply naïve.

The biggest difference between winners and losers is self-discipline. If you’re a loser, self-discipline is your saving grace to become a winner.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what Theodore Roosevelt, an accomplished author, soldier, naturalist, explorer, and former President of the United States, has to say about that:

Happiness, Achievement, Growth, and Fulfillment

All major achievements are built on self-discipline.

The discipline to wake up at 5:30 A.M to land that major overseas client for your business. The discipline to work 60 hours a week and still make it home to take your kid to soccer practice. The discipline to keep working at reforming a nation ridden with poverty and crime.

Achievements are big or small. The same achievement can be big to some people, and small to others.

Find out which achievements are big or small to you. Take the first step towards those achievements, and congratulations – you’re growing.

Tony Robbins recognizes growth as one of the six core human needs. Growth is essential to happiness and fulfillment.

But why?

Because growth is the successful outcome of change. Those who grow adapt to change successfully and move forward. The importance of growth comes from millions of years of evolution. The need for successful adaptation to change is encoded in our DNA.

If we don’t grow, we stagnate and die. Our gene pool ends right then and there (unless you’ve already had children).

It’s surprising how much better we feel when we’re moving forward. When we’re growing. When we’re practicing self-discipline successfully to achieve our goals.

You cannot reach fulfillment without growth. You cannot grow or achieve consistently without self-discipline.

Health, Confidence, Charm

The most common use of self-discipline is for getting healthy.

For healthy living, you consistently identify, cultivate, and practice habits that are beneficial to your body and mind, not detrimental.

Physical health comes from the self-discipline to consistently exercise, eat well, and monitor your well-being. Mental health comes from the self-discipline to consistently destress, socialize, and connect with others. Social health comes from the self-discipline to meet new people, socialize with friends, and create new experiences.

In case you haven’t noticed, self-discipline is the common denominator, and is of paramount importance.

What’s great however, is that the practicing of self-discipline has exponential returns that are shown through side benefits.

These side benefits are confidence and charm.

The most confident and charming people I’ve met have been those that have clearly practiced self-discipline for many years.

Their physical and mental health is fantastic.

They’re social chameleons that get along great with multiple types of people from having the self-discipline to consistently practice their social skills for the sake of their social health.

They’re successful in their field through growth and achievement obtained through consistent practicing of self-discipline.

They’re quality individuals that bring value to themselves, those around them, and the society at large.

Sounds like the person you want to be, doesn’t it?

Moving Forward

Hopefully you’ve realized the importance, opportunity, and potential of self-discipline.

As we move forward into the series, we’ll explore the many answers to questions such as: What if I like not being disciplined? How do I cultivate discipline? What kills my self-discipline?

In this post, you’ll recognize I use two words the most: consistent self-discipline.

Regardless of whether you enjoy my writing, I urge you to consider every point that I make here. If you remember anything from my posts, please make it this:

Your success is completely and utterly dependent on your ability to consistently practice self-discipline

Never forget it.

Whatever you need, gather it. Whatever you want, chase it. Whenever you can, give it back.

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I agree. It's all about self-discipline

Respect others and all is in harmony

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