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Hi Steemit!  My name is Marisa "Risa" for short. 

As I turned 37 a few days ago, my week has been filled with even more love and blessings than usual, in fact it has been down-right incredible and have been giving thanks for my life! As I was just doing so, the thought came to my Spirit of how amazing it would be if people showed the same amount of love and effort for others EVERY day instead of just on the day their birth is remembered! How awesome would that be? How different life would be? 

I am born and raised in The UK, happily married to a kind man and have been blessed with four extremely lovely children. Life is good!


I am an Author and Strategist.  Love is my most favourite thing! I love to feel it, see it and encourage it.

I'm blessed to be able to do just that. I am honoured to be entrusted with such an important role. I encourage and teach others how to love by sharing what I have learnt, although it is something I am continually learning myself!

The only expert on love is The Almighty God Himself. He is love, needless to say...therefore I love Him!

I am passionate about seeing people enjoy relationship not only with themselves and with each other but with The Giver of Life, Our Creator. Seeing others experience true joy is inspiring and motivating for me.

I have a background in Graphic Design, Sales, Mediation, Relationship Workshop Facilitation and more recently Digital Marketing, oh! and I am also vegan...

I am excited to be here on Steemit as it the ultimate platform to help encourage kindness and love for one another.

We are called to love God with all our heart, soul and mind as the greatest commandment and secondly to love our neighbour as ourselves (Matthew 22:37-39), but yet we struggle don't we?! As easy as it sounds we simply find it difficult a lot of the time, when it's all we really want, right! To be loved and to love freely.

There are many variables as to why it may seem to be difficult to love or receive love, but the bottom line is when love, health and wealth are met in our lives we are at peace and content. We are satisfied and fulfilled.

We are not meant to despair in these areas, these are not merely  "wants" they are "needs."

I will be posting on Steemit about God, encouragement, dating, relationship, marriage, healthy eating.

I am looking forward to participating in this community and enjoying all of your posts.

Don't forget to follow me!!

Risa x


Hello and welcome to Steemit!
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Thanks so much @projectnewbie! I really appreciate it! :)

Hi Risa! Glad to see @projectnewbie found you. I'll be curious to read your posts. I have to say, you look much younger than 37. My birthday was the 5th, my husband's the 4th and my neighbor's the 6th, so it looks like you're in good company. Happy Birthday!

Aw Bless you @pulpably! thank you :) Happy Birthday to you and your lovely husband and neighbour! Hope you all enjoyed yourselves. That is wonderful how you and your hubby are so close in birth dates! I agree...definitely in good company :)

Okay, followed you. You look like the Hollywood actress whose name escapes me for the moment.

Thanks for support!

Wow, this is amazing, true & deep. Amen; The only expert on love is The Almighty God Himself. I so agree. I'm so glad that you have joined @risabold. We need more posts like these and encouragement. I am honored to be connected with you and I am excited to be hearing more from you. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks so much for your encouraging words! They mean a lot, thank you

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Thank you for the guidance, I appreciate it