The Scott Peterson Case Revisited - It Appears He Deserves a New Trial, and Just May Be Getting One - Please Read This!

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I'm sure everyone in the US, and even around the world, over the age of about 25 remembers the Scott Peterson case. Peterson was charged, tried, and ultimately convicted back in 1994, for the murders of his wife Laci, and their unborn son, Connor.

I pretty much quit watching television years ago, as it's mostly garbage, and the 'News' is often little more than propaganda, at least in my opinion.

However, I decided to watch, 'The Murder of Laci Peterson' tonight on LifetimeHD, and although I had assumed the jury surely must have gotten it right, especially since Mr. Peterson was sentenced to death, but I now believe they got it wrong, mostly because of a horrible police investigation, and their 'tunnel vision' on Scott Peterson. With the evidence that wasn't allowed to be introduced by the defense, concerning Peterson's boat, the tips to the Modesto Police Department's Tip Line, the incident involving Lourdes Avila, as well as a burglary that occurred across the street from the Peterson home, it should raise serious concerns with everyone. A man is most likely going to die in this case.

Steven Todd and Donald Pearce were arrested on Jan. 2, 2003, for a burglary at the home of Rudy and Susan Medina. The Medina's lived almost directly across the street from the Peterson's, and the burglary occurred at the same time that Laci Peterson went missing. According to an eyewitness, the burglary occurred on Dec. 24, 2002, but the criminals later convinced the police that it had happened on Dec. 26. It was reported that Laci Peterson had confronted the men during the robbery, and threatened by the men. Another eyewitness reported seeing a young woman, that fit Laci Peterson's description, urinating outside of a van that fit the description of the van used in the burglary.

Source (Beautiful Laci Peterson)

There is known to have been not one, but two phone calls to the Modesto Police Department's Hotline by one Lt. Xavier Aponte, from the Investigations Unit at the California Rehabilitation Institute at Norco, east of Los Angeles. For those that wish to read about the outcome of these calls, and we should all be VERY INTERESTED, you can read about them here. The claims are very revealing.

Another thing that should raise serious concerns is the fact that seven different PREGNANT women had went missing from within eighty miles of Modesto, three from Modesto itself from 1999 until about the time of Laci Peterson's disappearance. Evelyn Hernandez, who was also eight months pregnant, like Laci Peterson, that was found murdered, also had her head, hands, and feet missing, like Laci Peterson, and they went missing six months apart from each other. This sounds like at least, a very strange coincidence. There is an article about the Hernandez case on

This article isn't to profess Scott Peterson's innocence, as I wasn't privy to the courtroom testimony, and know little more than what was presented on the television 'News,' the Lifetime film, and what I've researched myself. However, there can be no greater injustice than a man being executed for a crime he didn't commit, and it appears to me, at least from what I've learned, that Scott Peterson's case should be presented again. If he murdered his wife and unborn son, and is found guilty again, then he should continue whatever the jury-recommended sentence would be, obviously.


My other reason for posting this article is the insane behavior of many of the jurors in the case. They seemed to be fueled more by emotion than by using logic in trying to determine Mr. Petersen's guilt or innocence. There were talks of 'book deals,' and wanting "to get Scott Peterson," as well as jokes being made by the jurors. I can't even begin to understand how ANYONE could find humor in something so tragic, and not doing everything humanly possibly in trying to determine a verdict. Honestly, from the jurors that were interviewed on the Lifetime film, I would question their levels of intelligence. A murdered young woman and her unborn child, and these people can make jokes?! One alternate juror was quoted as saying, "I just have a feeling he's guilty, it's probably the affair." Seriously? People are now given the death penalty because of an affair? Are they not able to use logic?

The media played a far more significant role in the Petersen case than it should, as it usually does, and most of the public had decided on Scott Peterson's guilt even before the trial started. I believe people like to hate, and demonize, instead of using logic in trying to determine one's guilt. It's hard to not be emotionally invested in a case like this, but anyone deserves to be assumed innocent UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. As the mouthpiece of cable television, Nancy Grace said, "He (Petersen) just rubbed me the wrong way." I think that hardly deserves a sentence of death!

Lastly, the airport district in Modesto is known to be one of the highest crime rate areas in the US. On December 24, 2002, five blocks from the Peterson's home, Lourdes Avila (also eight months pregnant, like Laci), called 911 to report two men that sat in front of her store for about thirty minutes, watching her. Men that, in her words, "looked like criminals...," and "had faces like killers." As one of the men came into the store, Avila ran into the back room and dialed 911, and the men fled.

Again, I'm absolutely NOT saying that Scott Peterson is innocent, and this isn't a 'Free Scott Peterson' type of article, but there appears to have been much more going on in the Peterson case than what appeared to be presented, and I do urge everyone to take time out of their lives to watch 'The Murder of Laci Peterson' on LifetimeHD, if you haven't already. It's such a shame that all prosecutions are more about the prosecution or defense 'winning,' than about striving for the truth.

If Mr Peterson is innocent, there is no way to give him back the years of his life, but there is still time to SAVE his life. If he's guilty, I have to be fine with whatever fate a judge or jury decides, and I am. Like everyone else though, he does deserve a fair trial, and it's obvious that he didn't get one.

(The California Attorney General responded to Scott Peterson's Habeas Petition on August 10, 2017. It will be reviewed by the Supreme Court of California in the coming months.)

Thanks for reading this article

P.S. The portion of the Lifetime film regarding Nancy Grace and the dry cement is a classic!

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