Get Silent to Know The Answers of Your Quests!

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“Silence isn’t empty. It’s full of answers.” ~Unknown

In today’s world, we have forgotten how to be silent. We are surrounded by work, we are always moving, always talking. There is no silence in our whole life. We avoid silence, we talk meaningless words. To avoid silence we do everything we can because we fear silence. Silence is the greatest battle and greatest peace.

Why do we need to be silent?

Silent creates space by allowing a pause between moments in our life. We get time to think, to process, to project and to implement. If we don’t be silent, we won’t be able to hear the voice from within. We all are spiritual beings. We have our higher selves. If we don’t stay silent, we won’t be able to connect to that being of ours. Without connecting yourself to your higher self, you can’t be fulfilled. Silence keep us connected with the universe and with others too. Without silence, we just move forward without knowing our destination. And without getting anywhere, what will be the meaning of our lives??

When staying silent, you can hear your inner voice loudly and clearly. It gives you direction and meaning of your thoughts. Practice it slowly and you can find out the great art of silence.

Meditation is one of the best ways to practice silence. Especially you can do it in the morning and in the evening for only a few minutes. Stay silent and try to connect to your higher self.

You can even use any mantra you like. Make one for yourself. Just like “ I want to be my best everyday.” Chant this while bathing or thinking.

You can practice yoga. Moments of the body gives you inner silence. While doing yoga, you can pause and stay silent for a period of time.

Let’s start from today to find out what is the purpose of your life!

Have a wonderful day!



Meditation is the best for to have a nice day

Yeah, right you are!

I have heard of a chinese saying that goes- ''empty barrels make the most noise'' ☺
Silence is really the same as listening.

Silence is the practice of listening and speaking! Thank you for commenting. good day!

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