Life is full of surprises... — Steemit

Life is full of surprises...

in life •  6 months ago


Apparently I have a daily quota of at least 1 surprise per day. Today's surprise? Well....a plush Grumpy Cat from my wife, @uglysweater. She says that it looks just like me...hmmm

"I'm not a grumpy pessimist, just an apathetic realist." -Me, @rigaronib

So where do you guys fall on the grumpy scale?

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I love everyone and everything!

Except you because you are mean. well, not REALLY but you sure do blame me a lot.


But....everyone blames you. Hence, #blamebeth.

I think this cat so cute, I like its.


Haha It is kinda cute.

It's an adorable little cat. I like it! 🐱

Well, so I have to ask Mikhail if you really look like this! Lol! 😂