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The power of consistent minimal increment.

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Increment is defined as the action or process of increasing especially in quantity or value; something gained or added; one of a series of regular consecutive additions.1

Minimal means, the least possible; barely adequate; very small or slight.2

Consistent characterized as: marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity3

Simply put, this statement means the power of steady least possible gain

In life, a lot of people are desperate to hit the target at record time. Our world is on a fast lane. Everyone is nearly flying. The hype in the world is real and causes the present high degree of disorderliness or increased entropy.

This jet age is characterized by speed. Speed on its own is not bad after all but, as you already know, human being is not a machine so trying to run it as such may backfire hence the need for gradual pace as advocated here.

It all boils down to one thing: we all want to make it as quick as possible. People do not seem to have any time to waste. The problem here is that A lot of people do not end up making it as anticipated and this often leads to frustration.

When frustration sets in, often times, the condition worsens more than before the rat race began.

Consistent Minimal Increase

This is the idea that solves the problems mentioned above. This idea is backed up by the fact that life is quite long enough for people to make progress in a graduated pattern. There is always plenty of time so why the rush to oblivion?

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This principle advocates a gradual achievement geared towards every set goal. Whatever you achieved today and preserved will be available tomorrow so that another minimal achievement of tomorrow will add up to it leading to further compounding achievement.

This approach is not only viable but safer to run. It is less likely to wear you down. You are not likely to encounter extraordinary loss applying this principle because you are not staking too much per time.

Consistent minimal increase will eventually lead to abundant increase due to compound interest!


It makes sense to take life easy. It is the wisest thing to do.** Wealth and riches are important but should not be a do or die affair. "Once there is life there is hope" is a popular saying meaning that hope is guaranteed so long as there is life. This means that life should be treasured beyond hope.**

Applying the power of consistent minimal increment could be a tool to reshaping our society that is in dire need of restructuring. It will save our young men and women who are running faster than life can support.

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Good quote. Gotta crawl before you can walk!



Minimal Work Over Time To Produce Lasting And Cumalative Results? Sounds like the good life to me. Interesting Read. Found this one through the SteemChat Promotion thread.

Excellently said my friend, Wealth and Riches are just for a life time, not beyond!