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do you love that job?

If you love what you do, you are not likely going to feel fatigued at any point. One secret of doing very well in life is to enjoy your job or whatever means you use to earn a living. If you hate that job so much, it might be indication that you really do need a change.

There are so many reasons why you must love what you do. I will just try to mention one or two reasons. First of all, doing what you love doing guarantees success. The only reason why this is so is because, you are likely going to overcome challenges posed by your job with ease. This is because you are enjoying your job. You are also likely going to give it your best shot because it is your passion.

It is also important to know that doing what you love doing makes you feel good and is not likely going to affect your psychology negatively. When you continue to expose yourself to a particular job that you do not like over time, there is an impact on your health and long term well being you may not be able to notice in the beginning. Doing what you love doing makes sure you avoid this bad health effect.

Nothing is worth dying for. Quit that job you hate with passion and find a better one. Do not stick there managing all the time hoping for a miracle. When you leave, you will be in a better frame of mind to find the type of job that will uplift your spirit.'

Finally, you must understand that you spend a better part of your life in any job of your choice. Spending a better part of your life grumbling and doing a particular job is not worth it. It is time to reassess yourself and your job. Is that job beginning to affect your well being?

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Good post. The ending is assertive. Thanks for sharing @richguy. Greetings. I am from Aceh Indonesia.


Thank you for stoping by.


You'r wellcome @richguy. Thank you also have voted on my comment. :)

I love the idea of just quitting the job you dislike and do something you love to do. Unfortunately not everyone (almost noone) can afford that 'luxury'. Also, I think a lot of people are too attached to their habits. Again. You are right about the idea, but it's not available for everyone.


You can do anything you want to do if you set your mind on it. Make up your mind first and you will be there.