It's evil and got to be stopped! Important please read!!!!!

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The one thing my blogging hero @JerryBanfield taught me if your passionate about something, real, put it out there
and you might get karma coming back your way....


So here goes from a long time lover of the genre!
It's such b.s. is doing a Trump thing... Claim to be making something better when actual torpedoing it, so it blows up later!

This is the promotion:

Yet they have been playing continuous reruns of Futurama

and twilight zone for at least 125 hours A WEEK for the last month and a half...

It must be the cheapest two shows they can PUT ON the air without playing white noise or ads during primetime!
futurama has been on the last 48 hours....

A garbage fox cartoon is what they think science fiction fans want!?!

No way!

So Please add your name and resteem, if your kinda nerdy or know a geek and/or nerd....

Anyone would prefer re-airing old shows and movies from 1950s through the 1970s... even b rated ones!

This has got to stop!!!!
Please help out!!!

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I may be using cartoon emoticons ... but I am dead serious about this!


Yes I'm reading and trying to understand it