Law of Attraction | Manifest Anything You Want. | The Secret | Part 1

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What is Law of Attraction

In simple terms, Law of Attraction is the ability to attract  whatever we put our mind and focus to. 

Everyone is affected by the Law of Attraction, Every age, Religion and Gender, even if you don't believe in it, it sill affects you.

Most of us are unconsciously using the Law of Attraction, every thought and action, and even your mood.

All these thing put out energy that vibrate at a certain vibration.

Everything  in the universe is made out of energy and vibrates at different frequency's .

This is why if you are putting out negative energy through thoughts and actions, it vibrates through the universe and like a magnet that's what your going to attract.

Same with positive thoughts.

One thing, some people think you can use the Law of Attraction and do nothing and it will come to you, sometimes this can happen, but two things to remember is believe in it, you can not use the Law of Attraction if you don't believe in it, it might work but it certainly has a lot more power if you truly believe in it.

One thing I use Law of Attraction for is money, now if you believe you also can't expect it to just come to you, it sometimes can, but to help you have to work for it.

The amount of money I have gotten since using the Law of Attraction is crazy. 

Ways I use the Law of Attraction          

First you don't want to concentrate on what you don't want to happen, the universe doesn't care if you say please don't let it happen, it only sees what your concentrating on, and if you thinking what must not happen it's gonna happen, I'm sure that has happened to everyone.

You want to pretend as if it's already append and it went the way you wanted it to go, then the universe sees this person is putting out positive energy and your also concentrating on what you want to happen and you putting out that positive energy or vibration, and that attracts positive energy, and since you are pretending it's already happened and you truly believe it the Law of Attraction works even better because you believe it.

I want everyone just to try it for a month and don't lose hope, and once you've experienced it you will know it works, so next time your belief is real and even stronger.

I want you to try this, every morning when you wake up or every night you go to sleep, or even do it during the day like I do, tell yourself this, I'm going to have an amazing day, I'm going to attract  positivity and happiness, and whatever you want say your going to attract it, say it with a smile on your face feel happy believe in it, give it some time.

Do this every day this will change your life forever.

And even write some art of yourself being successful, this is a very strong way or even writing about it like this.

This post is gonna do amazing, this post will help many people, this post will get lots of up votes and comments. 

And i believe it when i say it, because I know it works.

I hope you enjoyed, please comment if you want more posts like this.


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