Win the bet.

in #life6 years ago

I have a bet with my brother that I will lose my weight. The bet is 12 kg til 1 of July.

This is mean that my wage should be 70 like before.

On this photo I was about 70:


Who is crossing finger for me?

P.S @olsm think that I will lose the bet and pay double because my wage will be 12 more than now <3


best of luck :-)

The worst is that I really love food <3, ​especially "bad" food. :(

You will do it pretty girl !

Best of me you already seem fit....cheers

😂 exactly just seem 😊😍

Basia, I keep my fingers crossed! The photo is beautiful :)

Thank you so much 😍

Good luck, I know you'll win the bet.

I hope I will :D

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