Miss bet.

in #life6 years ago

Another bet I have is with @olsm.

This is little more complicated because I have to speak with him Norwegian while all the mounth.

If I win I will get a smart watch but if he win he will get a new phone.

The problem is I don’t like to speak Norwegian so is much diligence home 😂



Good morning ☕

здраствуйте! 👩🏼

Vacker bild x ahaha I don’t know Norwegian that’s much but it’s bit closer to Swedish since I’m learning Swedish. Most common word I use is ‘Tusen takk’ 😅

Yeah it’s little similar. I would raider speak Swedish than Norwegian. 😍👩🏼

Kan du tala svenska :o :D? Finska?

Jag vet inte mycket Svenska, Finska alls inte alls. Jag kan prata Engelska, Ryska och Norska (grr) 😂😍

Wooo bara bra , Jag kan inte prata Ryska men min flickvän kan xx

hon är så flink jag antar 👩🏼😍

Ja ja Hon är lettisk, hejdå. lycka till att tala på norsk :D x

Thanks for sharing @rhubarb

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