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As a woman, I grew up every day with the idea of ​​studying and being a professional, a wife and maybe becoming a mom. When I turned 19, I made the decision to marry, fulfilling my second goal and for different reasons postponing the first.

After a few months of having started that new life, I was able to experience some of the most beautiful stages of every woman and it is being a mother.

-A July 21 of the year 1991, one Sunday at 8am, my great expedition begins to that world of which I hear so much talk to my grandmother and my mother, my first contractions begin and of course the fear of all first time I nevertheless. After a few "pujos" and tears, I could have in my breast, that little girl who woke up in me that maternal instinct; seeing her little white face, her little green eyes and her little head full of abundant chestnut hair.

My husband and I, we had chosen the name of Kenya Carolina and of course we did not change it; I tell you that she was a quiet girl in her childhood, very communicative with all the people, a dancer (she participated in all the school events), super applied in her studies (so much that she took her to school 1 week before starting the preschool) and of course a daughter who has accompanied me in all my joy, sadness; that being very small at times had to be my friend and my confidant. Being the oldest has given me joys, worries, but together with her dad I have seen her grow up and I can say that I am proud of the beautiful and enterprising woman she has become.

  • After a few years, on a Friday February 9, 1996, I give birth to my second child, I already have a little more "experience" with regard to childbirth (it was what I thought) the pains are less intense but the work of childbirth was accompanied, unlike the first, with cries that were given after seeing my son born. It was the wish fulfilled of every marriage that already has a girl, a son, a dark complexion, a lot of black hair, robust and much taller than my baby.

Unlike his little sister, he was very, very close to his mom and his "mana" (as he called his sister) that one with whom one as a mother has to learn to bathe in a different way, very applied in their studies ( despite not wanting to stay in the preschool), that child who thought I was going to be an electrician because of his antics with the current shots, very familiar, that son who listens to me for hours without uttering words. My son Yongle Antonio, as we call him, a man of great heart, an entrepreneur, who has made me pray for hours; since I could experience that having a son is not easy but it is a great experience.

In the year 2000, I made the decision to get pregnant, because among my plans was always to have three children, and for the month of November is born Karen Carolina, my little girl, a beautiful brunette, my daughter comes to the world through a cesarean , like her brothers very much hair, the girl who came to complement my life and who taught me what it is to raise a child for 6 months feeding only breast milk (breastfeeding), thus proving my patience as a woman and mother, since nobody took care of me because he did not like the bottle. My little girl has been a quiet, obedient girl, loves to study, super applied, is a dancer today, a young woman very focused on what she wants in life, lover of animals (future veterinary doctor), of course I feel equally I am glad to be your mom and I am sure that she will be an empowered woman in life.

As a mother I have been able to analyze, the position that each of my children has in my life and in my heart; Today I can say that each of them are the complement of my happiness, that with its virtues, differences and defects; likewise, my love for them can not be measured, nor can it be regretted, it is only the greatest love that the human being can feel.

Psalm 127: 3

3 Behold, the children are the heritage of the Lord;
Thing of esteem the fruit of the belly.

Author: @rhinaluisa


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