Why Goldman Sachs Bought Poloniex

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Goldman Sachs the investment banking company recently bought Poloniex one of the largest crypto exchanges on the planet. The purchase is leading everyone to wonder why on Earth would Goldman Sachs an investment bank and services company with no hand in crypto up and buy one of the largest exchanges and what on earth will they do with it? Could it be that they are looking to manipulate the crypto market the same way that they've allegedly manipulated the stock market for so many years? Are they going to manipulate the exchanges by buying up coins to send prices flying up then selling off coins to send prices crashing down? All the while profiting on both ends? Could Goldman Sachs be responsible for the not so long ago manipulation of Bitcoin that we’ve seen where we witnessed the price of Bitcoin fall more than $700 in a day because one wallet sold 25,160 Bitcoin which translated to over 200 million USD? This past May and June have had speculative moves in Bitcoin where big wallets bought & sold heavily, moving the price of Bitcoin and manipulating the market. Could this have been Sachs doing test runs? I personally believe that the answer is yes to the above questions and I don’t believe that Goldman Sachs bought an exchange to play nice. We need to work together as a community to figure this out, together let’s talk down below. What does Goldman Sachs have up their sleeve?


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Goldman sucks.

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LOL. My sentiments exactly!

Poloniex stopped evolution.

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