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The most monumental view of Sufism came from Abul Qasim Al-Qusyairy an-Naisabury, a 4th century Hijri scholar. Al-Qusyairy is actually more conclusive than all previous Sufi cleric views, as well as dismissed that the definition of Sufism or Sufi emerged through historical roots, language roots, intellectual roots and philosophy outside the Islamic world. Although not transparently Al-Qusyairy mentions its definition, but by raising a number of discourses of Sufi figures, it shows how the Sufis and Sufism can not be attributed to a number of etymologies as well as a tradition that would later return to the Sufi roots.

"And the soul and the consummation of it, then God inspects the soul (the path) of its ungodliness and piety, the lucky of the person who sanctifies the soul and actually harms those who pervert it." (QS Assh-Shams: 7-8)

"Indeed, it is fortunate that those who cleanse themselves and he dhikr the name of their Lord and then he prays." (Q.s Al-A'laa: 14-15)

"And remember thy God in thine heart, humbled and fear, and hardened no voice, in the morning and in the evening, and be not of the negligent ones." (Q.s Al-A'raaf: 205)

"And take pride in God; and Allah taught you (to give knowledge); and Allah is All-Knowing all things. "(Q.s Al-Baqarah: 282)

The Word of the Prophet:
"Ihsan is to worship God as if you saw Him, so if you do not see Him, He sees you" (H.r. Muslim, Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud and Nasa'i).

Sufism is in principle not an addition to the Qur'an and hadith, it is the impalcement of a great Islamic framework.

Degree Of Glory


In more detail, Al-Qusyairy mentions several definitions of the great Sufis:

Muhammad al-Jurairy:
"Sufism means entering every noble character and coming out of every disgraceful character."

Al-Junaid al-Baghdady:
"Sufism means that God puts you to death from you, and enlivens you with Him."
"Sufism is that you are solely with Allah Almighty. Without attachment to anything. "
"Sufism is an uncompromising war."
"Sufism is a member of a family that can not be accessed by people other than them."
"Sufism is a common dhikr, ecstasy accompanied by one," and an act based on the Sunnah of the Prophet. "
"The Sufis like the earth, trampled by the righteous and sinners; also like the clouds, which overshadow all that exists; like rain water, irrigate everything. "
"If you look to the Sufis to care for his outward appearance, then know that his inner being is corrupted."

Al-Husayn ibn Mansur al-Hallaj:
"The Sufi is my solitude with the Essence, nobody accepts it and also accepts no one."

Abu Hamzah Al-Baghdady:
"The true Sufi sign is that he became poor after rich, despicable after glorious, hiding after the famous. Being a fake Sufi sign is that he becomes rich after being poor, being the highest object of honor after being humiliated, becoming famous after the braking, the sound. "

Ruwaim bin Ahmad:
"Sufism means surrendering to God in whatever circumstance He pleases."
"Sufism is based on three traits: embracing poverty and infidelity, attaining the nature of giving by giving priority to others' self-interest and abandoning counter-attitude, and choosing."

"They are a group of people who experience the splendor of the soul who dump their possessions until they lose everything. They are summoned by secrets that are closer to his heart, remember, weep for you. "

Ahmad an-Nuury:
"The Sufi man's sign is that he is willing whenever he does not have, and cares for people when they exist."

Muhammad bin Ali Kattany:
"Sufism is good morality, whoever transgresses you in good morals, means he transgresses you in Sufism."

Abu Bakr asy-Syibly:
"Sufism is sitting with God Almighty. without passion. "
"Sufis are separate from humans, and are connected with Allah. as Allah says to Moses, "And I will choose you for Myself" (Thoha: 41) and disturb him from others. Then Allah swt. said to him, "You will not be able to see Me."
"The Sufis are children in the bosom of Lord Haq."
"Sufism is lightning, and mysticism is shielded from the sight of a creature."
"Sufis are called Sufis because of something that leaves an impression on their souls. If that is not so, there will be no name attached to them. "

Abu Sahl ash-Sha'luki:

"Sufism is to turn away from the stance against God's ordinance."

From the whole view of the Sufis that finally Al-Qusayiry concluded that the Sufis and Sufism have their own terminology, not at all from etymology, because the Arab grammatical standard for the root of the word fails to prove it.
Consequently, of all the definitions, they all prove the existence of a relationship between servant and Allah SWT, and the relationship between servant and others. In other words, Sufism is a manifestation of a servant's love for Allah and His Apostle, self-acknowledgment of his rights as a pest and his right to others in the charity of life."

Terminology of Sufism

In the world Tasawuf appears a number of very popular terms, and becomes its own terminology in the discipline of knowledge. From these terms it is actually a means to facilitate the Sufi world's followers to understand more deeply. The terms in the Sufi world, all based on the Qur'an and the Hadith of the Prophet. Because it takes a number of Encyclopedia Encyclopaedia to understand some of its terminology, as below, namely:

Ma'rifatullah, Al-Waqt, Maqam, Haal, Qabdh and Basth, Haibah and Uns, Tawajud - Wajd - Wujud, Jam 'and Farq, Fana' and Baqa ', Ghaibah and Hudhur, Shahw and Sukr, Dzauq and Shurb, Mahw and Itsbat, Sitr and Tajalli, Muhadharah, Mukasyafah and Musyahadah, Lawaih, Lawami 'and Thawali', Buwadah and Hujum, Talwin and Tamkin, Qurb and Bu'd, Shari'ah and Itself, Breath, Al-Khawathir, Ilmul Yaqin, Ainul Yaqin and Haqqul Yaqin, Warid, Syahid, Lust, Ruh, Sirr, and others.

Then the terms in Maqomat category (stages) in Sufism, among others:

Taqwa, Wajid, Zuhud, Silence, Khauf, King ', Huzn, Hungry and Leaving Shahwat, Khusyu' and Tawadhu ', Jihadun Nafs, Envy, Gossip, Qana'ah, Tawakkal, Gratitude, Believing, Muraqabah, Ridha, Ubudiyah, Istiqamah, Ikhlas, Honesty, Embarrassment, Freedom, Dhikr, Futuwwah, Hunch, Akhlaq, Kindness, Ghirah, Kewalian, Prayer, Fitration, Sufism, Adab, Persahabatn, Tauhid, Out of the World, Love, Rindu, Mursyid, Same ', Student, Murad, Karomah, Dream, Thareqat, Itself, Salik, Abid, Arif, and so on.

The whole term is usually a theme in the books of Sufism, because the behavior of the Sufis can not be separated from the substance behind the term-sitilah it all, and later behind the term in addition to the substance of the substance, also contains the "signs" of the spiritual path itself .


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