Life has to be given in return for self-life

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imageTrain coming from far away At the head of the two friends who were walking on the railway track, 'romance' was played. If you can get a 'shelf' left behind the rushing train ...! Just like the idea. But cruel trains do not understand the 'romance' of the teenager's mind. Just run away. The train ran away the friend's life. It is learned that two friends Mohammad Shahed (16) and Mohammad Hasan (15) were seriously injured when they took shelf life. Mohammad Shahed died after being taken to hospital.

The incident was reported on Friday noon at Chittagong's Lalchagh area of ​​Bhatiari union of Sitakunda. The deceased was the son of Abdus Sattar of Shahed Kadmarsul area. The injured Mohammad Hasan is the son of Jalaluddin Ahmad of the same area.
Eyewitnesses said that after the Friday prayers, two friends Mohammed Shahed and Mohammad Hassan were walking along the railway track. At the time of seeing a train coming towards Chittagong, they tried to take shelf close to the railway. Both of them were seriously injured in the train collision. Local people sent them to Chittagong Medical College Hospital. Shahed died on Friday afternoon after being taken to the hospital.
Another friend Hasan said in hospital sources that he was shocked at the hospital bed.
Chittagong Medical College Police Outpost Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Alauddin Talukdar confirmed the news of Shahed's death in the afternoon.
Officer-in-Charge of Chittagong Railway Police Station SM Shahidul Islam said in the light of the death of Shahed, they could not be confirmed on any train. Medical police outpost told to the Chittagong Railway Police about the killing of Shahed

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