Wonderful hostel (Chefchaouen in Morocco)

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For lovers of travel and tourists I show you in this post an excellent ecological and artistic hostel Djebli Club located in Mokrisset, north of Morocco 45 kilometers from the city of Chefchaouen.


This beautiful region of Morocco is known for its beautiful mountains, cold weather and rich lands.


This famous hostel founded in 2015, at the initiative of a young Ambitious Moroccan called Allae Hammioui. This young Moroccan who has done everything to realize his dream, an ecological and social inn that enters the framework of sustainable development, a place where one can barter his knowledge against a room.


The houses are made of hand-made bricks and natural materials such as stone and straw and the furniture is made from recycled materials. The club is a successful example of an independent ecosystem, growing its own fruits and vegetables and raising chickens and goats. The Djebli Club wants to become self-sufficient and self-sufficient.





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