Walking In Nature

in life •  last month

Walking at least 30 minutes a day will have a good anti-stress effect especially in the wild and also allows to disconnect for a few moments of artificial light and new technologies : Internet, phones and electromagnetic waves very dangerous to the brain !

In the end: relaxation, letting go, natural light of the day beneficial for health, better oxygenation, and walking activates the lymphatic system (linked to the immune system).

Be aware that the color green would also impact us !


Sport will seek fear to dominate it, fatigue to triumph over it, difficulty in overcoming it.

Pierre De Coubertin

Historian, Pedagogue, Scientist (1863 - 1937)




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Excellent reminder thank you! Going barefoot during this time and absorbing the electrons froom the earth is extremely beneficial for health and very calming to the body. Grounding and being in nature daily should form part of everyones mind body and spiritual wellbeing.