Virtues Of Clove

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Clove is a dried flower bud from Indonesia. Tasty spice in our kitchens, it hides many other virtues, especially to have better health !

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Let's see 5 of its benefits that will help you improve your health naturally and at a lower cost.

1. Chew it, it's good for your teeth and your gums

Clove has local antiseptic and anesthetic properties.

Our ancestors chewed a few cloves to fight against bad breath but also to prevent dental infections.

In the face of dental pain and waiting for your visit to the dentist, you can either make an infusion of cloves and make mouthwash with it.

Or, what I prefer, use clove oil on a cotton swab and massage the tooth and sore gum.

You can also put a crushed clove in your tooth, but the very concentrated taste is not very pleasant.

After a slight tingling sensation, the pain should subside.


2. In massage, it will relieve you of your muscular and rheumatic pains

You can try the recipe for massage oil paints or try the one based on cloves.

Because clove is an anti-inflammatory. It can also relieve your muscular, joint and rheumatic pains.

For this, you add about 10 drops of clove essential oil to 30 cl of vegetable oil (jojoba or sweet almond). You massage painful areas with this preparation three times a day. The pain should be relieved within 48 hours.

You will find clove essential oil in your organic shop or on the internet.

3. In case of fatigue, it is a good stimulant for your body

Clove is a well-known tonic. You will be advised in case of intense fatigue or physical and intellectual exhaustion.

To stimulate your immune defenses and your memory, put 1 drop of clove essential oil on a sugar. And you will take twice a day, until relief of symptoms.

Warning ! This remedy should be avoided in pregnant women, to avoid any risk of contraction.

4. Urinary tract infection? It is an effective intestinal and urinary purifier

Clove is not only antiseptic but also antibacterial. It is frequently used against urinary infections such as cystitis, kidney stones and stomach upset.

For example, to improve digestive disorders, you can infuse 3 to 8 cloves in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes. You can drink this infusion by adding honey and cinnamon to soothe the strong taste of cloves.

5. It is also a formidable insect repellent


I could not forget to talk to you about the amber apple. It has two very interesting effects. First, an amber apple is an orange (rarely another citrus) in which we have stung a bunch of cloves.

The orange will spread its citrus scent where you leave it. But above all, coupled with cloves, it will have the property of repelling insects. In particular flies and mites !

You will place your apple amber on your work plan, in your cabinets or you will simply suspend after having surrounded by a ribbon.

Good smell and repellent guaranteed !



Our health is our great treasure in life !


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