Believe In Yourself

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The degree of self-confidence determines the degree of ambition that one puts in each goal that one gives oneself. The higher it is, the more persevering we will be to overcome obstacles in our path.

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Have you ever wondered where the fact is that you did not trust yourself? Think for a moment.

This big question will certainly bring you to other questions where you constantly question the success of your life (personal life, couple life, family life, professional life), your goals that you can not reach.

Get rid of the feeling of guilt

Start by getting rid of guilt once and for all. Bring in you your true essence and personality. Win your freedom.

Stop the guilt!


The feeling of guilt is a useless evil that gnaws at you from within. You tend to continually dwell on the past, to think of mistakes that you may have made but that you can not correct now.

For example, you have abandoned a partner because he no longer met your expectations or because he treated you unacceptably, and yet you feel responsible for his happiness.

As soon as a failure occurs in a joint venture, you immediately have the tendency to assign the sole responsibility.

Do you really need to drag in that unnecessary and weighty burden of guilt? What does it bring you? How will you live if you no longer have that feeling in you? What difference does it make?

Learn to defend yourself

As much as you must learn to defend yourself and not to accept to blame, as in some situations, we must also admit his wrongs.

The subtle art of admitting one's wrongs to derive an astonishing strength is to dissociate your mistake from blaming your mistake. In making the distinction, you rather spend your energy to the measures to take to remedy it rather than to monopolize your energy to depreciate you and thus make you feel guilty.

It is an extremely simple technique that focuses your energy differently and from which you derive all the benefits.

"I compare so I feel guilty"

The reason is very simple, is that most people, and especially those who lack confidence in them, tend to compare themselves.

In general, especially when their self-esteem is minimal, the comparison is obviously not very advantageous.

And that can become a real mania.

The solution is simple: Stop comparing yourself.

Because you are unique. Yes, you are unique. You are not like the others.

The only common point you have is that you too have your qualities and flaws



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