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I woke up this morning to find a thin blanket of snow on the ground. This isn't unusual in Saskatchewan, where the only thing predictable about the weather is it's unpredictability. That, and the wind.

So snow is normal in April. And in May. And sometimes in June. But it still makes the heart feel dreary and tired, especially when it arrives after the grass has started to turn green and leaves to bud, after spring fever has struck. It's like finding out a party has been cancelled at the last minute -- or at the very least, delayed.

In the land of the living skies, the sky always sets the tone. Today, it is not just grey, but empty. And so everything else feels grey and empty too.

So instead I stay inside and browse through photos of flowers. The ones that remind me that spring will come. That life will return to the outdoors.

And with it, colour.

Victoria 072.jpg

Victoria 119.jpg

Victoria 050.jpg

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Lovely photos @redhens. They have helped brighten what has turned out to be a dreary Easter Sunday over here in the UK. Or at least my part of it anyway. Thanks.


Glad you enjoyed them. Hope you have a Happy Easter, despite the weather.

Tacks sharp images Trilby! I'm impressed with your camera skills already - I predict big things for you on here :)


Thank you, although I have to credit the camera and subject matter more than my skills. I took those pictures a decade ago at Butchart Gardens near Victoria. It's impossible to take a bad photo there.


I've been to Vancouver Island, BC, and it reminds me a lot of the UK with its landscapes and red telephone boxes! A lovely part of the world. BTW I just passed you a mention in this post I just posted :) Steem on Trilby!

I also love flowers and roses


There's just something about them that feels hopeful and positive.