Time flys

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Time really dose fly when your having fun. I have been getting up at 0600 and working our in my shop untill 1700 easy some days for getting to eat. But it makes me so happy to be out there. Here is a bit of a update on what is happening I the shop. IMG_20170804_083114_457.jpgIMG_20170804_083114_456.jpg20170804_175027.jpg
Mums bathroom remodel is still going. Got her new lights in to go around her mirror. But they did not cover the old holes so I made a walnut backer board to hold it up. Also you can see my custom painter's pyramids holding it up.
As you can see not all prints on the 3d printer go perfect. I was making some custom socket holder for my toolbox and I hit print and left to go kayaking (I'll post that pic later lost the pic.) and came back and found a pile of plastic so I relieved the bed and tried again. And it worked perfectly. I'm planning on showing that once I get my tool box done.
Got tired of not having my old brill holders from my last shop so I made some out of 3in pvc pipe. I like them alot.
And last of all I found a marker board at a salvage store and fell in love with having it in the shop. I was able to quickly draw my ideas and show it to who ever I was working with. It's grate.

Well that was my last 2 weeks kind of summed up in to one little post I will try to post more often. Thank you guys


I really like the way you hung your drills! Finding ways to utilalize shop space is challenging sometimes. The bathroom looks wonderful!

Thank you so much.

The bathroom looked awesome. The ambience is great in there now. And I loved how the two pieces are mirror images of each other. The day that I came home to the failed print was kinda funny but also worrying because I thought we'd broken the printer in the move! Scared me! I like this drill holder better than your other one, it takes up less space.