Does Eye Colour indicate Intelligence , Personality or health?

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   Are there messages your Eyes are Telling the world? 

  Are there studies that suggest there is a correlation between eye colour, iris pattern, personality and health condition? In my experience, I have seen doctors being able to tell about a person's health condition by examining their eyes, but rarely have I seen or heard that a person's personality and intelligence could be predicted or diagnosed from the colour of their eyes. What is eye colour? Eye colour according to Wikipedia, the free encyclopadia, is a polygenic phenotypic character determined by two different factors: the pigmentation of the eye's iris and the frequency dependence of the scattering of light by the turbid medium in the stroma of the iris.   But now, what are researches on eye colour saying about its relationship with personality and health? There seems to be so many studies that different organizations and persons have conducted on the subject of eye colour and iris pattern in relation to personality and intelligence. New research findings shows that there could be a relationship between a person's eye colour and certain personality traits.. The darker the colour the more melanin is in them. Melanin is defined according to the Oxford Dictionaries as '' a dark brown to black pigment occurring in the hair, skin and iris of the eye in people and animals''. Studies show that the eye is so closely linked neurologically to the brain that one might call it the only part of the brain that can be seen outside and it seems to hold vital clues to the brain function according to Dr. Anthony Fallon of the University of Edinburg. A study at Orebo University in Sweden by Scientists shows that pattern in the iris can give an indication of whether we are warm and trusting or neurotic and impulsive. They found that our eyes colours are affected by the same gene that form our frontal lobes, showing that people of same iris pattern share similar personality traits. Studies show that the colour of our eyes can affect our mental health and our tolerance to pain.  Throughtout the world, Europeans are found to have the greatest variation in eye colour with brown being the most common, blue/gray eyes coming up second and the most rare colour being green. A study at the university of Queensland and the University of New south Wales published in current Psychology, links a person's eye colour with how agreeable that person is. The researchers found that those lighter-coloured (blue and green) eyes tended to be less agreeable and more competitive than their brown-eyed fellows. Blue and green eyes were also linked to being egocentric and skeptical of others while those with brown eyes were considered more altruistic, sympathetic and willing to help others.  A survey by cyberpulse, a division of impulse Research Corporation of Los Angeles commissioned by CIBA vision interviewed 1,016 women, and found that women often associate different eye colour with a particular personality traits. From this study, it found that 34% of the participants considered people with brown eyes intelligent, kind, and trustworthy. People with blue eyes were considered kind, sweet and sexy, although 7% of the research participants considered green eyes, the sexiest of the all the different colours and their owners to be creative, sexy and somewhat devious. It is worthy of note that no two persons have the same iris pattern. 

Different Eye Colours and what researchers Believe them to Indicate  Most Caucassian babies are born with blue eyes, but however, they darken as Melanin builds up in the iris. Others may be born with blue eyes, but however they darken as Melanin builds up in the iris. Others are born with different coloured eyes, especially babies of Africans, African-Americans, Asians, and Hispanic descent. Babies eyes changes colour as a result of genetics and Melanin.  Studies show that since production of testosterone is in direct competition with the hormones generally associated with high intelligence factors, the dark eyed people tends to have greater capacity for physical activities and have higher response time, while melanin operates as an insulator for connections between brain cells. The more melanin, the quicker the brain reacts. 

Browned Eyes  Brown eyed people are considered very independent, self confident, determined and offer a sense of Security and stability to anyone in their periphery. They are considered vivacious, outgoing and affable. They are people who are steadfast, serious, practical, self-sufficient with a somewhat retiring attitude and a strong sense of commitment. They are usually attractive, adorable and enjoys making new friends, they are kind, and loyal.  According to the Charles University of Praque, those with brown eyes are seen as been loyal, trustworthy, respectful, gentle but not submissive. They tend to have poorer sleep cycles.     

Dark-Browned Eyes              

Dark-browned eye individuals are likely natural leaders. Those with this dark-brown eyes that almost appear black , are so dark, have the rarest eye colour. They are thought of as being secretive or mysterious, but generally agreeable. They tend to drink less considerably than those with lighter eyes. They don't follow the crowd but the crowd follow them. A study in current psychology reported by Medical Daily found that those with darker eyes are generally thought of as agreeable.    

 Hazel Eyes:https:       Hazel is one colour that is hard to describe. They are called this because of the way they look as though they change colour from green colour to brown. People with hazel eyes are uncommon, they are imaginative, determined, loves adventure and trying new things, often has a boundless inner vitality. People with hazel eyes are often risk takers, yet profound thinkers, courageous in the face of adversity, aware their own limitations, responsible but often have a serious selfish attitude. They tend to have balanced personality- never one to jump to extremes. No two hazel eyes are exactly the same. 

  Green Eyes:       They have an aura of mystery around them, an attitude of self-sufficiency. Green eyed people are often unpredictable, yet slow to anger. They have a balance of melanin which keeps them agreeable yet dominant and strong. They are patient and can restrain their emotions. They are usually original, creative, highly intelligent, intellectual and can easily employ serious concentration in highly distracting environments. They love freedom, project sex appeal and can perform exceedingly well under great pressure. They are considered mysterious, exotic, seductive, curious about nature, have very positive and creative outlook in life. They are usually very happy people and passionate, tending towards long-term relationships both romantic and platonic. they easily become jealous but possess lots of love. They are generally sensual and attractive. 

Violet Eyes:     People with violet eyes are highly imaginative and creative, possess lots of self-esteem and are often perfectionist with high ideals. They have high charisma.   

  Gray Eyes:    Gray eyes are the rarest of eye colours. Gray is a variation of blue eyes, just slightly darker and is extremely rare. Gray eyes are considered people who conform to society's standards while being gentle and deceptive, they possess a great deal of inner strength and think analytically. They change their mood to suit any situation at hand. They can be described as "two sided coin" type of person. They can be different things to different people, depending on how much control they have over their emotions .Having a light gray eyes means, you might have had to work at being taken seriously and to get to where you wanted to be. You have to also keep your defenses up and does not let anyone in but once you do, you will open yourself up to them completely and show them great affection. They are patient in waiting for opportunities, as well as being courageous but obstinate. 

 Black Eyes:  People with black eyes are considered to have dynamic character, full of vitality, hot tempered, impulsive and often seek dangerous adventures. they command respect, exhibit great dignity but somehow pretentious, secretive and often mysterious. They are very passionate and loyal especially to their friends. Black eyed people Know how to tap into powerful energy and are very intuitive. 

 Blue Eyes:   People with blue eyes possess inner and physical strength, although many people will not see it that way. In fact most people will not see them that way and they can negatively be judged before their inner qualities will be noticed. Blue eyes are considered a representation of knowledge. Most people with blue eyes are considered attractive and possessing a peaceful and calm personality.  

  Amber eyes:      Amber eye colour is one of the rarest eye colours, true amber colour is really rare. Amber eyes are of solid colour and have a strong tint of yellowish/golden and coppery/russet. this may resultant to the deposition of yellow pigment called lipochrome also known as pheomelnin ,in the iris (which are also found in green eyes). Amber colour are often referred to wolf's eyes because of the strong golden and yellowish colour with a copper tint similar to that found in the eyes of wolves. Besides wolf, amber eye colour can also be found in other animals like dogs, domestic cats, owls, eagles, pigeons and fish.   According to research the occurence of amber in human being are very rare, only about 0.01% have it. Though rare in nature, it is fancinating eye colour that most of us would love to have because of the mystic personality and aura that people with amber eye colour carry. It is a peculiar and uncommon eye colour. To a common man, amber eye colour can be called golden eyes, because of the shade of golden amber which can be light or dark and often contain yellow copper tint with shades of green hazel and brown. People with amber colour are crowd pleasers and and like to be known as for that. Amber coloured people are mistaken to be reserved, but in reality they are very warm, charming and great conversationalist. They are unique and try out new things creative, innovative, trustworthy and like being outdoors. They are social and needs to fit in, often sexy, cunning and appealing.

  The Uniqueness of iris pattern and Eye colour   It is worthy of note, that no two individual have the same iris pattern and eye colour, just like no two individual have same fingerprint, so does no two individual have same iris pattern and eye colour. Researchers believe every single person with blue eyes originated or descends from the same ancestor. Researchers have determined that eye colour changes over time because eyes do not constantly and consistently produce pigment . Eye colour changes, not only the eye colour of a baby, but eye colour can change in older children or adults. It is worthy of note that it is not one gene that determines eye colour but a combination of genes and that is why people may have two colours or more in their iris if you look closely to furrows and crypts. 

What then are furrows and crypts? 

Furrows: are circular lines curving around the outer edge of the iris 

Crypts: are curly lines or squiggly lines radiating out from the pupil.


 A more scientific than subjective look at the iris pattern and eye colour  Has science really found a way to turn the popular quote, "the eyes are the window to the soul", into reality? A study by researchers at orebro University Sweden, led by Matt Larsson, a behavioural scientist found that people of different iris pattern develope along different personality lines. These researchers by examining 428 subjects to see if these structures in the iris, reflected their character, found that there are distinctly shared traits in people with similarly coloured irises. Matt Larsson by a more scientific approach to the correlation between iris pattern, eye colour and personality, counted the number of crypts and furrows in his subjects' iris and determined that a low frequency of crypts was associated with trust, tender-mindedness, warmth, and positive emotions, whereas more extended and distinct furrows were associated with impulsiveness.  However, determining a persons personality and intelligence, is still in its developing stages, there are still many on-going studies being conducted by scientist and researchers, so get prepared to know what they will be discovering in this new and curious studies. Current studies in the the field of genetics suggests that eye colour is largely determined by 16 genes that are passed on to you by hereditary.

   Are there Relationship between Eye colour, health and personality.   Eye colour can give an insight into one's overall eye health.

 Light Eyes- blue eyes, hazel, green eyes, amber and gray eyes are considered light eyes, in this respect. People having light coloured eye had twice the risk of age-related macular degeneration, than those with with dark iris, according to a study involving 171 participants published in the journal of clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology. ''   Studies found that people with blue, green or generally light eyes have a greater risk of melanoma, since they have less light-absorbing pigment to shield the eyes from the sun damage.  In a study published in PLOS ONE, researchers found that people with blue eyes, or generally light eyes were considered less trustworthy than their brown eyed fellows.  In a study at Georgia state university survey, involving 12,000 men and women, researchers found that people with light eyes drank more alcohol and were likely to abuse it than people with dark eyes. People with light eyes drink more, is an undeniable fact from the study. 

Dark Eyes- It is worthy of note that eyes colours such as brown, dark-brown, black, and violet are considered dark eyes in this respect. A dark iris blocks more ultraviolet light" and ultra violet light is a risk factor to macular degeneration.   Dark iris might indicate you have a lower risk of skin cancer. In a study published in cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and prevention, DNA samples and sun exposure data were gathered from over 500 children, ages 6 to 10 for a period of four years. Children with eyed gene were more likely to develop moles compared to children without the gene. The number of moles people developed during childhood can predict the risk of melanoma in adulthood.    Researchers have found correlation between eye colour and facial features. they discovered that men with dark eyes tend to additional trustworthy character than those with light eyes, although more research is needed in this area to determine this eye colour meaning for women.  Dark eye people drink less alcohol than light eye people. Is worthy of note that Melanin is involved in electrical connections between brain cells. If the amount of melanin in the eye, correlates with the amount of melanin in the brain, this could mean that dark-eyed people are more sensitive to stimuli like alcohol, which means they are likely to get tipsy of less alcohol than than light-eyed people. video here 

 Some thoughtful Considerations on eye colour   A study by social psychology professor at standford University named Claude Steele, proved in a more scientific manner that the major difference in the test scores between white and black students was not due to genetic differences but rather because people who have been stereotyped their whole lives subconsciously act according to that stereotype. The findings of professor Steele when taken into consideration, which relates that blue eyed people have high IQs, does not hold much weight. Blue eyes, only appear in people of Caucasian origin, especially those that trace their bloodline to the scandinavian. Moreover, much of the researchers who conducted studies relating intelligence to blue eyes are caucasians, hence questioning the reliability of these studies. In as much as blue eye trend among few of the greatest minds in history, such as Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie and Stephen Hawking, this does not confer blue eyes with intellectual success. The likes of Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and Steve Wozniak all had brown eyes and were among the greatest minds that ever lived. Hence, the trend of high intelligent quotient among blue-eyed is not only a factor to be considered, since other factors can contribute to this, so as to avoid stereotyping blue-eyed people.

 A simple trick How many  black­ eyes can you see here? How many different eyes colours can you see here?  



This is educative,thanks for posting

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