Cuteness Overcomes All

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If you guys are looking for a happy post, I might recommend you like elsewhere today! ":D

"Awwwww, so cute!" my family says, while I think to myself, "Why have you guys not learned from Oreo's death??"

I tried to list out reasons we shouldn't get the dogs, as below:

But I was only 20% of the way through when they said the were already carrying the dogs in the car.

The sunken feeling of worried anger weighed in my stomach. And I typed away for 30-60 minutes, about to post into the Steem Blockchain.

But I daren't speak up my feelings in our family chat or on Steem. Coz as much as I was telling myself that the reason I didn't want them to adopt the puppies was so they would not suffer like Oreo did, etc, ...

I think the reason I'm most pissed about ... that no one asked my permission as an adult in the family whether I was okay with them getting a dog. "xD

Rather selfishly-ish embarrassing.

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Wow, that's a cute fresh lettuce! How can I get one? xD

Ahhh, now we're talking!
Just give me your bank account number.
After you receive the transfer, the lettuce is all yours! xD

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Hopefully you can have a good time with the dog!

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Well, yeah!
It's totally not as bad as I imagined.
I had reaaaaallly gone overboard lol.
Thanks for your comment! ;P

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