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Today has just been one of those days...one of those GOOD days!


Because today my scale told me I've lost 10 lbs since the new year. I've just 5 more to go until I reach my goal! 


I signed up a new client today. I'm so VERY excited to help him get his finished manuscript polished and published.

And if those two weren't enough, I have the privilege of going out on a dinner date with my 12 year old son!


Congrats. I can understand weight loss is not so easy. It is the most difficult But you did this :)

Congratulations! I'm trying to lose some weight myself, and I know how challenging it is.

Point to ponder: is there a time of the year where it's easier (or less difficult) to go on a diet? Late winter/early spring is a time I find "intuitive" to start off.

Congrats just remeber to loss the weight to be healthy you dont need to be skinny to look good

I totally agree! When my first husband passed away 5 years ago from cancer at just 33, I ate my feelings and slept a lot. I've healed a lot emotionally and the extra 15lbs was the last grief hurdle to tackle (that I know of). My weight loss goal is simply to lose the extra fat from grief and gain back my muscle. I have a scale that read body fat percentage and muscle mass percentage. I've been working hard and have lost a whole percentage of fat and gained over a whole percent in muscle! Woot woot for being strong!

Thats good for you and sorry for you're loss glad you're able to overcome the greif and change your life around


Congrats my dear friend.
i hope you success.
carry on.

Congrats, I pray for many more days like this for you

congrats to you !

they are my own

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