The Rural Life In Upper Marlboro MD

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Are you tired of commuting to work every day and having to deal with traffic jams, crowded areas and the noise of big cities? If so, then it’s time to look for a more quiet and close-knit community where you can actually relax and have a stress free life away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Big cities are usually surrounded by suburbs which are a real-life changer for someone who wants to live in a quiet community while being just a short distance away from all the action. That’s why most people prefer to live in a suburban area because you have the advantages of a quiet environment while you benefit from all the amenities provided by the major city.

Some of the suburb areas have quite a rural feel to it and one such place is the quiet town of Upper Marlboro MD. Located in Prince George’s County, this small community is a suburb of Washington DC and it is the county seat. With just 0.4 square miles of land and about 700 people, the town of Upper Marlboro MD has that rural lifestyle that you are most likely looking for.

Being just 16 miles away from DC, you can really delight in a quiet and peaceful environment in Upper Marlboro while at any point in time you can just take a quick ride to any place you desire in the DC area. Relocating is not an easy process but it is definitely worth it in the long run and by getting in touch with one of the real estate agents in Upper Marlboro MD, this will definitely make things a lot easier.

Let’s take a look at the town of Upper Marlboro MD and see what its like to live a rural life in one of the best places in Prince George’s County.

History of Upper Marlboro MD


The town is one of the oldest colonial towns in Maryland and it was founded in the late 17th century by one of Winston Churchill’s ancestors. Upper Marlboro MD holds the first County Courthouse in Prince George’s County that was built in 1721 and it was replaced with the current building in 1801.

The town was settled by Duke of Marlborough in 1695 and it was named after him as well making it one of the oldest surviving Maryland towns. Upper Marlboro MD used to be a port town that would be used for tobacco shipments back in 1706, at a time when navigating the western branch of Patuxent River was still possible.

The town was also home for John and Daniel Carroll, two major figures in the history of the US. John was the first Catholic Archbishop and the founder of Georgetown College and Daniel was a signer of the US Constitution.

Not to confuse Greater Upper Marlboro MD with Upper Marlboro MD which is a much larger area surrounding the small town of Upper Marlboro. It used to be a census-designated place that was divided into more small CDPs after the 2010 census.

Living in Upper Marlboro MD

Many people love Upper Marlboro MD because they really love the rural feel of the town while they are within commuting distance of Washington DC. The real estate market in Upper Marlboro offers a real taste of rural country life and you will be surprised at how well put together the houses around really are.

The town is located near MD 4 and MD 301 highways, which provide easy access to Baltimore and Washington DC. Also, in terms of transportation, there is a bus line that stops in Upper Marlboro for easy and convenient transportation in and around the area. The lovely mix between rural and urban life in Upper Marlboro offers a brief respite from the fast-paced cities around the area.

The residents of Upper Marlboro get to enjoy the outdoors quite a bit, thanks to predominantly green areas and you will find quite a few outdoor activities that will keep you entertained in Upper Marlboro MD. Paired with a few really good restaurants, with everything within walking distance, the town has everything you might need to live a comfortable yet happy life.

The area is economically prosperous and the emphasis on local businesses is very obvious. With a job market that is growing, finding a job in the area is really easy and you can always commute to DC since it is close and most residents actually work for governmental institutions in DC.

The tight community here in Upper Marlboro MD is really great, and you will find it easy to integrate and make new friends. Also, people are sports fans so if you are into football, baseball or other main sporting events, you will most likely find a nice group of people gathering around in the weekend at a local restaurant, watching the game, and cheering for their favorite team.

Also, the housing is quite affordable and there are many beautiful homes in Upper Marlboro MD. Having a calm, peaceful, and safe environment with beautiful scenery is a wonderful place to grow, live, and enjoy life.


Having the opportunity to step away from the metropolitan area and enjoy the rural lifestyle is sometimes what we are looking for. At the same time having the convenience of living close to the big cities allows you to move back and forth as you may see fit is always great if you want to change things up at some point. This is exactly what Upper Marlboro MD has to offer and you will be surprised at what this town has in store for you. Immerse yourself in the rural life of Upper Marlboro MD for an awesome experience that you will not soon forget.

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