If we fight, you're in!

in life •  4 months ago

I got into an argument with a friend that descended into full throbbing veins fight. Teeth clenched, words spitted, angry looks and basically all in war. And over what? The golden age of flying!!

I mean who even cares. But spirits can get heated like that and from one to the other you realize that the fight si no longer about this or that but got... personal!. Ouch! The dreaded ad hominem when it's not about how stupid your argument is to how stupid YOU ARE! And winning.


I think this a symptom of our age and many touchy subjects are turning us into enemies when in all the important way, we are not. Here's what I mean: I do not fight with stupid.
If we even start an argument, it means I think that it is worth trying to convince you of something, or listen to your side or debate this as two rational, intelligent adults. I wouldn't even think of starting this conversation with a moron! If we fight, I already respect you enough. So when I say something that can be considered an attack, it's from this paradigm that I think should be received. Sure, things get heated and people say shit but ultimately, we are friends or close to it to even get into it!

It's something that I both try to communicate ( well, before..) but also try to understand when I feel attacked as well. At the end, we can shake our hands and live to fight another day. Isn't this how things should go?

I believe that arguing and discussing opposite points is healthy. Always get a different perspective that can either change your view or force you to makes your own points stronger and more compelling. But not at the price of a friendship...

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Buna Razvan, exista vreo metoda prin care poti fi contactat? Iti multumesc frumos

Did one thing lead to another and you suddenly found yourself tussling manfully on the floor? ;O)


no, but I DID USE some very strong words in a stern tone!