A good word

in life •  3 months ago

I love it when I discover a word that perfectly illustrates an aspect of my life. I sometimes run into one of these rare one word descriptive words and they are usually japanese or german or something that can combine two or three words into..something.

This one is basically my life now:


What a beautiful word indeed. However, I am not proud of this. While the book towers in my house keeps growing, this is also a reminder of all the book that I am not reading..or worse: finishing! Why this is happening and what can I do is anyone's guess. I guess I am a lot more tired and more distracted by my phone or Netflix to really get down to reading deeply. It's also troubling cause this is exactly the kind of scattered mind that I fear it will be the end of us.

I chose to look at this as a reminder that I need to destroy some of these structures to grow my mind and also that maybe, just because something looks good on your table doesn't mean is actually a good thing. I'll also use it to sound smart to people because why not. Ah, just kidding, no need to impress anyone.

I'm also looking for new ways to arrange the books cause I have a new order coming in tomorrow. So many books I want to read, so little time. This doesn't even include my immense Kindle collection.

Maybe I should gift some ASAP.

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That's trouble, probably best to buy a nice bookshelf and put them on there where they can be forgotten about.