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Never had the capability to lead such a big movement, like the little al Hasan al Mamun. I played football in the country, played volleyball, racing, and in the first row. I was also a member of district football team.
Mujibul Alam Hira Mama, when the president of the district unit of the BCL was still at the rally, at last, when Faisal Ahmed Roni Bhai became the President of the District Chhatra League in 2011,

on that day I was in procession with friends in the city, I would slogan a boat rally, I was known as a player in the whole district, After the admission in the university, again in the game, Jhalak Dal is the first year in Dhaka University Volleyball team I went to play the University of Chittagong. I received several awards, including the first place in the annual competition of the Hall, University Volleyball Team, Hall of Football and Volleyball, the captain of the division football team. After three years of the football team of the department, I spent about two and a half lakhs of rupees with my hands, even written a book for chocolate money, no sir has said a word against me. I learned from my father, not from anyone else. How does the salary run by the family with a small amount of money. In this case, no one can complain that anyone gets a money in five years. They can tell the best of them.
Those who are slandering in different ways, if anyone can prove that through a movement, a penny is entered in my pocket, then I gave Mamun to stand in the way of the raj, to the whole country, to be hanged, I would ask myself. I did not move to become a leader, I did the movement for the rights of the student community. Those who are sitting on the chair or cutting the TV screen, tell them to go to the university hall and see our screams. The scene of the masses is seen. There are also 19 brothers who have not got a job in the same house. So, I am telling you again that for the welfare of the state, the logical reform of the Kota system, we do not want to cancel.
I spent four thousand rupees at the beginning of the month and now I have thirty pocket money in the pocket. How are we, questioning conscience, will get the answer. We are not harming ourselves to the people !!!!!

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