FCS. . . Do You Have It?

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Food Clothing Shelter

I was in a shitty part of Chicago today and in this particular neighborhood the level of poverty and violence is extremely high. . .

Today I snapped some pictures of a woman shopping for clothes from the “good will” donation box. Unfortunately, extreme poverty leaves some people doing their shopping this way. . .

All I can say is that it brought about tremendous gratitude seeing this. . . Grateful for the fact that the Rawdawg family has food, clothing, and shelter. .

Right before I snapped these photos a 9 year old kid was begging me for a $1. . .

Sad state of affairs in some areas of this country and the world for that matter. . .

I don’t have the answers and not sure if there is one. .

Yet, I do know, if you have FCS then you have enough. . Some people aren’t that lucky. .



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She is lucky she has that to pick thru. My thoughts are on the people in Northern California and other states dealing with the devastating fire storms. Most people were lucky to get out with only the clothes they had on.
I am very grateful for the life I have and am so aware how it could completely change in a split second.