Christmas time

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So, I'm finally getting to writing a post again, and it's probably a week overdue at this point but I'm sure others will still enjoy a Christmas post that's out of sync with all the others that people made.

Santa Maisie Christmas 2018.jpg
Santa Maisie's first appearance. This was actually on Christmas morning even if the calanders in the background say otherwise

As I've mentioned, I haven't been well, and the new medication has taken quite a bit to adjust to, but I did get to spend the holiday with my family, and I was quite well for the whole time which was quite pleasing to be able to enjoy my daughter's first Christmas.

We met up at my partner's (and her parent's) apartment on Christmas eve for dinner and to stay over. A nice quiet evening and then a pretty decent sleep, though obviously not long enough...

Nap in morning Christmas 2018.jpg
Turns out we were both tired early in the morning, though she was a bit wriggly so this didn't last long for either of us

And in the morning, I got to wake up and see my beautiful girls. We then got to sit about and open presents, and watch the joy of Maisie getting her first Christmas presents and the fun of wrapping paper. Yup, in the mouth, because at her age, everything goes in the mouth.

C and M on Christmas 2018.jpg
My girls. There were many shots of people wearing santa hats with beards.

2018-12-25 08.13.10.jpg
Grandma helping Maisie with her first Christmas present

M and Tas Tiger Christmas 2018.jpg
First present from her Tasmanian Aunty was this awesome Tasmanian Tiger

M eating present Christmas 2018.jpg
Sometimes, the wrapping paper was still around the present when it went in the mouth

There was so much present opening for Maisie that we ended up splitting it up into 3 times to have some play and rest between them as she was clearly getting a bit overwhelmed (we only spoilt her a little bit...)

M and her loot Christmas 2018.jpg
yeah, not spoilt at all... Oh, and there were a bunch of books that seem to be hiding from the camera

We had a lovely lunch with roast turkey, ham, prawns, potato bake, potato salad, green salad and bread rolls, with plenty of leftovers for more of the same at dinner time. It was a mostly cool meal to go with the not so cool weather, but it was good to have some roast meat in amongst it all.

2018-12-25 11.58.33.jpg
My first plate. The second one had Potato bake instead of Potato Salad, but looked much the same otherwise.

Trifle Christmas 2018.jpg
And of course there is trifle for dessert

But best of all was the time spent with my family. I missed the rest of my family, but the part I was with was really good to spend the day with.

M Sucking toe in pool Christmas 2018.jpg
It was a hot day, so there was time for Elf Maisie to have a paddle in her pool. And show off her ability to suck on her own foot

Family Christmas 2018.jpg
My little family all in one photo. And as always Maisie is the centre of our attentions

And I missed my mum. A lot. This was also the first Christmas without her, and I was really happy that Catherine's mum made a toast with a drink mum loved for the memory of those no longer with us.

I hope that you all had a great time over the holidays, and a belated Merry Christmas to you all.


Thanks for the upvote! Getting downvoted all afternoon by Berniesanders is NOT my idea of a nice afternoon.

he does seem to do that a lot. Not sure that my little upvote really helps that much, but it's better than nothing

Hey, any moral support against this socialist tyranny helps. No man wants to feel like and island. THANKS AGAIN!!!

You really are late! But lovely family post. Sorry to hear you missed your Mum, sounds recent, so I hope it will get a little easier with time. I never know what to say... :(

Love the tired daddy pic. Maisie looks she will be showered with love and wrapping paper every year!

yeah, was late August, so only 4 months ago at Christmas. Dad's been gone 6 years in November, so we've gotten used to that. Still has some pain, but it's easier. Mum is still pretty fresh in the mind, and there's still a few more firsts to come. And most of them will also be firsts for Maisie (and me as a dad). So lots of reasons I decided pretty quickly that I needed to go back on the medication to help me deal with things.

Yeah, I love that photo too. And that it wasn't entirely staged. I didn't ask for the photo, but I knew it was happening, so until I knew a good one had been taken, I stayed asleep.

Beautiful images @ratticus It is lovely to see photos of Maisie's first Christmas. She is adorable and I particularly love the picture of her chewing her toes. What gorgeous eyes.

Yes she is. Everything goes in the mouth. Absolutely everything.
We had another mini milestone in the last couple of days where she's not just getting her tummy up off the ground when hands and knees, but she's lifting one of the knees up and rocking. Won't be long before she's mobile now!

It's wonderful that you were able to witness this new milestone @ratticus Yes, You will need eyes in the back of your head once she starts walking. Sorry for the late response.

Ahhh Mousey she thoroughly wasn’t spoilt at all 😆 love the sleepy photo, and the toast thing sounded beautiful.

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Glad you all had a great time at Christmas.

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