My work tool broke down

in life •  16 days ago

Good morning steemiats, I comment I'm going through a very depressing moment, I really wanted to vent to you, I'm going through a point in my life where I feel empty, the truth I have nothing; I have always told them that my photographs are taken with my cell phone because I do not have a camera, well; I just lost my work tool and I think so many things; I want to emigrate from Venezuela and I do not have the money to leave; I do not even have to fix my cell phone; I'm really frustrated, I do not know what to think; I think I have a run of bad luck, has it happened to you? that when something goes wrong everything starts to get worse. I am always an optimistic person but I look back and I feel that I have not done anything of what I have wanted these last months, I have wasted my time waiting for documents that would help me to leave with money surely borrowed or selling some things (not my cell phone anymore it hurt), I'm upset, frustrated and I really know that it's silly is a cell phone, but it's not the cell phone that makes me feel bad, it's the fact that in this country something as foolish as this is complicated, that I can simply go and change it for a new one, be it old, I am very sad because I have not even been able to get a decent job in this city, I think that 2019 is beating me on its third day, I hope it is a reinforcement to fight this year and not letting me overcome by such silly adversities, but I'm really sad and it's inevitable, even the Internet has been failing (something normal in Venezuela) so using steemit also complicates me, I think I'm in a vortex of chaos and I need to leave, I know that I am not the only one who feels this way, this country makes you sick, consumes you, feeds on you. I hope soon to have something good to tell you, for now this is all; hopefully and its beginning of year is not as fatal as mine.


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Feel better, you are a positive person :)