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Wrote this back in 2011, thought Id post it here see what ya'll think.  Now I tend to look at things from more of a spirtual out look but none the less we have over come either way. 

You’ll here people say that’s impossible, you can’t do that. Or they’ll say who are you to think you could do something like that. These are the negative people of the world the ones who question you because if you are reaching for greatness striving for your dreams and achieving them. Wht does this say about them not even attempting to. Wht I haveto say to them is every person has already overcome the odds. Now this idea came to me when I saw a commercial for This lady says something like her great grandma was one of 5 kids an the only one to survive to adulthood, an how lucky she was to be here. Had her grandma died along with her other siblings the whole blood line would have died out. So just in one generation it could have been ended. And she never would have been born. The fact that we are alive here today we have overcome the odds. Who your are has survived when other genes didn’t, you are the result of 1000s of years of natural selection the odds that have been over come just for you to be alive here today are so great they can’t be comprehended. You are the strongest best able version of a human being to ever exist. You have already overcome the odds your ancestors survived to pass on there genes when others didn’t. Any anytime along the way your line could have been stomped out but it wasn’t your still here. See odds you have overcome, anything you do in this life doesn’t even compare to what has already been overcome just for you to be here reading this. So dream big as you can, take massive action, never stop because you have already overcome the odds and can overcome any odds to achieve yours dreams.

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