Do we deserve mercy?

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black rose

When we look at the world around us, the children, the elderly and the women are starving in Africa and many places of the world, and we live in the luxury of our homes, eating, drinking and sleeping well. I ask my self Do we deserve mercy?

When we see innocent people being killed every day in unnecessary wars, why wars? Why the killing? Why? I ask my self Do we deserve mercy?

When we see older people thrown into the homes of the infirm and babies thrown on the edge of the road, why? Because we do not find what we spend on them or because we are bored of our parents who took care of us in our youth and when we grew up we no longer want them, Do we deserve mercy?

When we see us cutting trees for or without reason, and killing animals for no reason, Do we deserve mercy?

Sometimes I feel that the earth was okay before humanity. Were the predators and the dinosaurs were really much more merciful than us? Do we deserve mercy?

I have always been asked, does humanity deserve mercy?

yellow tree fall

But !!

When I see those who are struggling to end wars and spread peace, and when I see those who care for the elderly and save the children from homelessness, and when I see who plants trees and protects the animals ... Even when I see the smile of a small child; I really say we deserve Mercy!!

I ask God to spread love and compassion in our hearts and improve our situation.

That's why I think we really deserve Mercy !!

smiling kids

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