Auto suggestion the key of success (part-9)

in #life5 years ago

Women should invent their own hardness and tenderness. Both of them are essential for the world. Men should take care of their soft feelings and cover it with their own energy cover. The great men do so.

It is your determination to start from zero to finish big.

A candle does not lose anything by burning another candle. Thus, by cooperating with others, people are not harmed themselves, rather they have to repent. Cooperation but comes back in increments. The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

There is no happiness in the abundance of wealth, the happiness of the mind is the real happiness. There is no need to be number one in the world for peace. Get yourself a number. Peace does not determine the amount of money, either in the ratio of satisfaction. Whoever has little, is not poor, who is more poor than expected.

Your reputation, fame, prosperity, prosperity, deterioration, whatever comes from within you. Those who think that they come from outside, they really believe in fate. Dependence on the work, faith of the wise and creative people depends on trust and fate.

We see events or fate from our perspective But it should be seen from the point of view of the event or situation. It is unfortunate if fate and negatively affect the relevant catalytic impacts on receiving our desired topics, if they are affected positively.

Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving to Success The happiness lies in the cover of gratitude. People do not enjoy wealth, they feel. Assets are not determined in the ratio of money, either in the ratio of satisfaction. Thanks to that, he failed to succeed

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