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Never miss the chance If you make a promise, you must protect. Maintain a grave attitude towards everyone.

Talk about the open mind and do the job. See Criticism as an opportunity. Try to find out the best part of anything.

Before asking a person, ask yourself three questions. Is this true?

  1. It is not harmful? 3. Is it really necessary? The power to win life is within you; Just need to awaken him on time.

The mind runs in the human body. The mind is consciousness; You can take full advantage of it if you wish.

Feel the start of success. Think first, then implement it. Monchobi creates persecution of work.

Cutting of weeds will grow again; Weeds are to be uprooted with roots!

If you are ever criticized about it, accept it with gratitude and try to understand the trust


অনেক ভালো লাগলো আপনার সাজেশন পড়ে।

thanks bhai..

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