Breaking bad habits

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Anyone have any tips, advice, books to read on breaking bad habits? About a year ago I was in the best place mentally and physically I've ever been in...waking up motivated, drinking water throughout the day, excited to go to the gym after work, eating healthy all day, and getting a good nights sleep. Fast forward to now, and I have 0 motivation, drink Red Bull all day, started chewing tobacco again, eat fast food, no exercise, and looking forward to getting home just to nap, no exercise and I wake up every night at 2 in the morning. What happens in the mind to create such drastic changes. I've noticed when I'm in such a good place, while I feel really good, I also feel really bored. I've also noticed the things that make me the happiest, are also the things that make me the's a really interesting and perplexing conundrum. Anyone else struggle with #### like this? Anyone else live their life on this vicious cycle? Anyone broken the cycle successfully? Anyone else relate to this video?


I find @jeffberwick to be very inspirational. He swears by Allen Carr's books. The Easy Way to.... The most important thing I think is to listen to your body. I used to chaw working a high ledge in the early morning, it gave me a jolt, actually helped me be careful. But when I saw my gums start to recede I stopped immediately. I love chaw, but I love my gums more. When I'm off the sauce I wake up with the sunrise and feel great, when I'm on the sauce, not so. You gotta listen to your body. Anyway, don't stress too much and don't hesitate to hit me up. Take care. Maybe a little mariwoowoo in your quesadilla will relax you...... You mentioned boredom and I know for a fact that is a trigger for bad behavior, still working out why.... My NA buddy laughed at me when I mentioned boredom but it's a thing for sure..... Also, something might be bothering you, whether you know it or not, find out what it is...

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