I got a LIEN today for a BS ‘illegal camping’ ticket from when I Ran Away with the CIRCUS in 2012! FML!

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In 2012, I found fire spinning. I had been a lifelong hobbiest juggler so I was primed to fall in love with this lifestyle. I had an amazing year, ended up quitting my waiting job, and running away to join the circus with the most beautiful lady clown you ever did see! She took me to private circus training camps in San Francisco, hot springs in Santa Cruz, and a small intentional movement arts festival in the mountains. We barily made ends meet by busking at farmers markets. We made love in the most strange and wonderful places :) <3

After the movement arts festy we flowed south to explore Jade Cove and see what we could find. Well, in addition to some jade, we met a caravan of gold hunters! It was amazing. One of them was doing sun salutations on the beach and we silently made a triangle behind him and followed along. When he was finished he turned around and we have been friends ever since. We stayed up late, smoking herb, drinking wine, sharing stories, and singing songs. The lady clown and I fell asleep on the beach. It was such a perfect day and night.

Of course, that next morning we were violently awakened by an angry state trooper who yelled at, berated, and issued us illegal camping tickets to the tune of 300 bucks per person. He was so angry and rude and offensive. We hadn’t left any trash, we didn't bother anyone, there was no one else there. We didn't have paraphernalia or bottles lying around. We hadn’t been super loud or offensive. But we were in the wrong place and according to him we needed to be punished. A little rape from Uncle Slam.

I, being very defiant and homeless at the time, promptly tore the ticket up (after he left of course) and thought hateful thoughts about the person and the system. I've seen street kids who get wasted and leave a swath of trash and filth wherever they go, and that was not us at all FYI.

So now, 5 years later, all of a sudden with 3 dollars in my bank account (cuz its all you know where heh) I get hit with a 125 dollar fee on my online statement with a phone number on it (that 125 is just wells fargos fee btw). That camping ticket has since tripled in price and now I owe 1000.

So, fuck banks, fuck bureaucracy, and fuck the system. I was already all in to the crypto ideology but now Im 150% on board! F that!

Please upvote and resteem this post. Its not much work for you but it will let me keep my bank account. Ive never had a post go big. But if this can be the one then I will be able to get this taken care of.

Thanks for reading. Have you ever had a lien? What happened? Do you think I deserved the ticket? Whateves, tell me why. I wont troll you.

Bless yall and watch out for the military industrial complex.


If you are able to donate any BTC that would be really helpful. Thank you.

or Eth :) 0xb074278ef8a4612ec0A0D5387447857F1097a157

Edit: My wonderful friends on the internet have reminded me that It is my responsibility to pay a citation from an governing body or face the consequences, to which I must whole heatedly agree. No matter how unjust the law, I must still find a way to navigate the system or be crushed by it.


Thats fucked up. I don't see what's so bad about camping on the beach. It's probably just another way to outlaw homeless people. I would fight the ticket if I were you, even if it is that old. Tearing it up and forgetting about it was probably not the best idea. How old were you at the time?

Haha I agree. I would def do it differently now. Thanks for responding :)

Is it the bank or debt collectors? Ask for a cash settlement. Tell them you can do $500 today, and if they accept it. Tell them you need it in writing that you agreed upon that amount. That buys you time. But don't pay them the full amount.

Nvm read the article. Either offer them a settlement and see what their cost is or just pay it. If you have crypto saved in places just pay it. Sounds like you are in a better position now, no reason for charity.

hey what about my free ride here? yeah i feel you though :) i sold a bit just before the dip to pay it haha. at least i beat the dip

cool story. you should write a book.

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