Someone does not like Running violating the rules or

in life •  last year

omeone does not like Running violating the rules or can literally break the warehouse because of relatives of the family There are another Evil installation Live as we we have lived badly and you live badly you suffer do not think that you are better than us and otherwise we'll tear you apart I tell the hard ones sad things But after all remember all the tales all the myths and legends the main evil of the hero or heroine is caused not by evil monsters happily wins And as a rule the siblings who throw it into the well take away the property turns the hands on the watch in order to break the heroine of the obligation to the tale Alenkiy has long noticed in the people that sometimes in the family conflicts are the heaviest and their sinister. Therefore, one should not conceal in oneself this conflict needs to be found for him with adequate solutions. Sometimes this breakdown of relations does not sometimes translate communication into another Well, in any case, if such a situation arose, you are at risk and attempts to seek sympathy from surrounding people very rarely end in itxaxac

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