Inside the Mind of a Dog

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While staying away from home for seven weeks over the holidays, I noticed that my dog was keenly aware of the fact that we were about to return home the next day. How did she know that?


[photo by @qiyi]

Staying at Grandma's House

We have stayed at Grandma's House before, and my dog, "Bitsie," is familiar with the routine and layout. She patiently waited through the holidays seeming to understand that we were there to stay for a while.

Normally our stays would span two- to four-week periods. This year we stayed seven weeks, but there was no sign that Bitsie was aware that the length of time away from home had almost doubled.

Bitsie claimed her spot and quietly observed our every move, every sound, and every odor. The day prior to our departure she clearly knew we were leaving...soon. We had already loaded up our car planning to leave for home the next morning.

There was really not much difference in terms of audible clues, words, conversations, or sounds. We were constantly getting into our suitcases, coming and going, taking Bitsie along in the car, and appearing to "go," which is a command she always hears.

What Clues did Bitsie Use to Know our Plans?

  1. We loaded the car! Those suitcases we took to the car smelled like those that belong in the closet back home. She knew we always take those with us and return them. She watched and smelled as we put them in the car.

  2. Our affects had changed! We were no longer sitting still. We had been in a better mood, smiling more, and talking with a different cadence.

  3. Odors from home were out of Grandma's house and now in the car.

It's amazing how perceptive our pets can be. Respect animals for their special abilities, and respect your fellow humans regardless!

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This is so true. How dogs figure things out really amuses me. For instance my dogs understand very clearly that if I am wearing my jacket to go to lab, or just to go to a shop nearby. If I am off to lab they go and sit in balcony before I leave, without me saying anything. If I am headed for shop same time of the day, they won't. I always wonder what is it that I am doing which gives it away.

When I get dressed, she smells my clothes asking. " dog park or work?"