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Happy Monday (now Tuesday), my fellow Steemians!

I hope that all of you have had a fantastic weekend and a great start to this new week!

The weather here in Denmark has not been kind to me, so most of the weekend was spent inside.

We have played with trains, cars, watched cartoons, ate candy and did a lot of "coloring" pages;

"what the children were doing, is another story" (don't worry, it's a joke!).

I know this amazing website if you have kids (or you like to color cartoons) http://www.coloring-book.info/coloring/ - I recommend it.

Some friends we haven't seen in many years, came by Saturday (with cake - uhh yeah, I love cake!) and their two girls.
The day just flew away while we were talking (a lot has happened in all those years) and our kids were playing like they were best friends - what a fantastic day!

Sunday was not the best, because of all my damn backpains, but with you Steemians in my mind, I got up and played a little with my camera "shooting an Okide" - I hope you enjoy (it's just for you, Steemians!)


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