Darth Vader Vs. Batman

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Hi Steemit - Darth Vader has finally taken down Batman!


The weekend is over and it's now back to the daily routine.

I spend this "peaceful" Sunday, learning my two boys (age 3 & 4) about making small movies - It was a lot of fun!

Because of their lack of concentration, we chose to make a "tiny" cartoon.

  • At first, they had to choose an action figure each and then we talk about "who should be the winner" (it was politics at a high level) but after some struggle, we had a winner; Darth Vader.

  • Then we mounted the camera (a Nikon D5100), put up a background and started shooting some pictures - it was a lot of fun!

  • At last, we edited the film on the computer (and to be honest, their concentration held in 5 minutes and then they were back fighting with their Super Heroes). So I finished the project.

  • Now it was time to see the final result and what is a movie premiere without candy? Nothing, so while the kids went out to find Mom in the garden, I went out into the kitchen, to make a big bowl of candy. Now we were all gathered, sitting in front of the computer screen, the light was turned off and we were READY - their reaction was absolutely amazing - they got super excited about watching a movie, they have made with their own Super Heroes.

Halfway through the "movie" the camera battery went low, so it couldn't use the flash anymore (so in the last part of the movie, the lighting was a bit different - my oldest boy said, "don't worry Dad, it just looks like Batman is turning on the light" - problem solved!

It has been a wonderful weekend and it's definitely not the last time we are going to make such a little movie project - the boys learned a lot and so did I (my next thing to learn about movie making, is to cut out the background and replace it with another).

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and watching the little GIF movie project we made.

Have fun - Qiobi 2017

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Where you been my friend? I try to find you , are you ok ? I think in January I’m in Denmark