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Welcome to Bug Challenge number four - fun with snails!

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Since I started this little project of mine "Bug challenge", it have not only become my little hobby - it has become a family hobby.

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Allmost every day when my family comes home, they have a new little Bug with them. They catch them on their way home from kindergarten and they rush in thru the door screaming;

Dad, look what we have found! Come see Dad, come and see!

BlogPics (1 of 1)-2.jpg

It makes me a very happy and proud Daddy!

  • I have had some fun with the pictures taken of that day, it's a little GIF movie of the two snails (called Mom and her child, by my two boys) - I hope you enjoy :)


You have now reached the end of my post and I really hope that you enjoyed reading it!
Until next time;

Have fun, take care and watch out for all those Bugs - Qiobi :)

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Dude i love that gif, there snails but there still adorable lol


Thanks @shawdisy 👍
You are so right - even snails can be adorable some times 😊

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Ewww bugs. Chidren find them fascinating :)


You are so right about they can be a bit Ewww, @karenb54 - but when it comes to the children;

I sometimes have to "swallow a Camel" as we say here in Denmark ( in Danish; nogle gange bliver man nød til at sluge en kamel, for at børnene har det godt. ). 🐫

Here in Denmark fall has arrived, so the bugs will soon be long gone and then this "challenge" will come to and end - then we have find other fun stuff to share other than our trips😊

And thanks a lot for taking you time to add a comment 👍😀


Your more Than welcome, enjoy your bug hunting :)

What cute little snails :)


Thank you @lightrhythm! 😎

You are incredible , lovely post my friend , really enjoy, to see something fresh, good job