Pomodoro - Are you good enough in managing your time???

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Many of us, naaahhhh,
Most of us these days don't find enough time to pursue lots of things. Even if we try, we end up exhausting ourselves with long working and sleepless hours.

Most of us might have faced a situation of working for long hours and still the work does not get completed. It is like a black hole and it does not matter how many hours you put in a day, still, it is not completed. And then a day comes when we burn out and tries to break all the traps of long hours. But till that time, everyone builds an expectation of working all day long.

It also happens to me many times, yet I need a lot of improvement in this because I am still not able to write a blog per day on steemit. So, to achieve that goal, I was going through many articles and found a really interesting technique. And when I read that, I shouted like Bingo!!!

This is the new experiment I am going to try and the experiment's name is - "POMODORO"



What is Pomodoro technique:

This is a revolutionary time management system and is deceptively simple to learn. This is life changing if applied correctly.

The fundamentals of the technique are to work in blocks of time, typically 25 minutes long, we can call it a pomodoro session, followed by a 5-minute break. We need to break our tasks in such a way that, the task or it's part/s get completed in that block of time. Completion of 4 pomodoro sessions is followed by a 20-minute break.

Steps to adhere to Pomodoro:

  • Plan your day:

Spend the first 5-10 minutes to plan out the day and activities that need to be done. Prioritize and look for how many pomodoro sessions would be required to complete these tasks.
Always set real expectations to to get most out of it.

  • Focus:

A 25 minutes Pomodo session should be distraction free as it takes another 25 minutes to get back to the track once you are distracted. So, a full productive 25 minutes pomodoro session is required. No phone calls, email or other things should be done during a pomodoro session.



  • Set a timer:

Set a timer for 25 minutes that you are going to spend on a task and bingo!! We are all set to start our 1st pomodoro session. I trust that is going to be awesome.

  • Work:

Now come to action and start working on the task. No break or pauses should be done during this pomodoro session. This is our motivation to fight interruptions.

  • 5-minute break:

Once the timer rings, take a note of the task you completed and go for a small break of 5 minutes. Don't keep the thoughts of the tasks that you did in your mind, as it will stop you from being fresh minded for the upcoming task.



  • Repeat:

Repeat from step 1-5 for four pomodoro sessions.

  • Little longer break:

After completing 4 pomodoro sessions, we deserve a good long break to have small meals, drinks, walk or whatever we like. It helps us boosting up our mood.

How will you get benefitted out of it?:

The people who followed this claimed to get great rewards in terms of following outcome they felt to receive:

  • Quality of work improved.
  • Quantity of work improved.
  • The ability to stay fresh and stress free for the all day long.
  • Saving of lot of time in a day.
  • Better life!!!!

I am definately continue to follow the Pomodoro technique. And we should all give it a try atleat if we feel poor about our time management. I trust that will help us.

Thanks a ton for reading this. Please give your valuable feedback and thoughts

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Brilliant! Thank you for sharing this.

This method seems really simple but that intention set of 25 minutes of working seems like it will be very effective. So much distraction everywhere these days we can easily spend hours going off track with our work. Even as simple as picking up the phone whilst writing a blog post would add on a lot of time.

Will certainly give it a go!


THanks @jackandsusanna
Give it a try and share your feedback. I trust it will work for sure!!!!