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I celebrated My birthday here, and that is how i also got to know about steemit. 

This is a very worth while ministry, they have amazing staff and a loving home that helps and supports families who have kids suffering from cancer.  

The families that fall under their care are those less privileged families that have children suffering from cancer and travel all the way to Cebu city from far away provinces for treatment  . cancer treatment as we all may know accounts  for a very long period of time, and the Everlasting HOPE Cebu provides a clean and conducive home for these families, at least to take away  the extra burden and expenses of accommodation or end up homeless.

ABOUT Everlasting HOPE 

Everlasting HOPE was founded by Kristina Andersen, an American nurse,  with her utmost desire to serve the children and families of the  Philippines.  Since 2008, Kristina has traveled several times to Cebu on  short- and long-term mission trips.  Through her various travels to  Cebu, and meeting with dedicated Filipinos, a team transpired.  You can read more about it HERE 


For my 27th birthday, i got a privilege to spend time with the kids and their families. I do not have much at all but i always believe that there is someone who is doing much worse than i am, and helping in lifting their spirits up will not cost me at all. It is even more fulfilling when you don't expect nothing back but honest and pure smiles and a heart full of gratitude. I also believe that children are some sort of earthly angels that are closer to God. 

of course i could not have done this alone, i needed help from good Samaritans. I constructed a message and sent to very few selected people that i knew could  assist. Like many fund raisers, its always difficult to convince people of your good intentions and there fore i did not receive as many responses as i had anticipated for.  Many thanks to the very few people that believed in my mission. These few people included my Dear Family, Sir Felix Asoro & Family from Cebu city, Mrs Mgendi & family from New Zealand , and my Cousin Kisa Erlandsson &family from Sweden. Honestly my heart was so full of joy from the help these lovely people rendered for i had lost hope and wasn't expecting any assistance from anybody anymore, especially after many negative responses from most of the people i had messaged.

 I previously was planning to reach out to at least 20 children with their families and the amazing staff of Everlasting hope but the  budget  could not let me , so i had to re - strategize and plan again for a smaller group. 

There were only about 7 children , living with their families inside the center and about 100 + families in similar situation that the center reaches out too. So reducing my number of reach out meant that i would only cater for the children inside the center with their families and the staff of everlasting HOPE. 

I bought enough food, drinks, cup cakes, snacks and props for games for the kids and adults alike. I needed to also present them with toys but i was short of budget and  days to the event were getting closer. I almost gave up on the Toys, then i remembered a lovely lady with a heart of Gold, Tess.  I contacted my dear friend Tess whom i have engaged with in several volunteer works before. i knew she is an amazing woman and always ready to render a helping hand. I reached out to her on Messenger and informed her of my mission with the kids, she was instantly aboard with the idea and told me she will bring along friends, and that is when i met @bellatravelph. Tess and Bella were God sent that day ,they brought alot of gifts for the children and it blew me away , made this day even more special, because , again, i was not expecting it.  @bellatravelph wrote about it on her steemit blog, check out her post HERE.

On the day of the event, i invited a few special persons to go with me, plus @bellatravelph and Tess. 



I honestly could not have had it any other way. There were children as young as 2 years old, battling this deadly monster called cancer. All of them come from less privileged back grounds and having to care for a child with cancer and the extra financial responsibilities is a burden. Thank God for organizations such as everlasting Hope that helps take  a bit of a burden from these families. 



The kids had to blow the bubble, and the one that made the biggest bubble won. This was a very funny and engaging game for them. KIDS + BUBBLES = HAPPINESS

This game was A MINUTE TO WIN IT. The kids had to arrange the disposable cups in a long tower and one who did the longest tower won, and a small prize was given. 

Even the mothers had a go at it, in fact they enjoyed the game more than the kids did. its good to see them very positive with smiles despite the daily hardships they go through of taking care of their very sick children.


For this game, the mothers had to burst the balloon . The balloon was out in between them and they had to burst it without touching it. This was another great one as everybody had a good laugh , such a great stress reliever for them. the kids could not engage in this game because it involved a lot of energy and strength.. too much for their weak bodies. 

Tess and Bella brought the kids coloring pencils and books.


This was a great initiative that am sure kept the children busy even after the small party ;

we had other games like the Pinata and Journey to Jerusulaem that were not captured on camera. 

Lastly , i got a souvenir for my self and my dear sponsors from these little but mighty warriors.

 A t-shirt with the kids palm prints and names written in their own handwritings. As small as this may seem, its very special to me and will treasure this t-shirt for as long as i can. 

Below is @bellatravelph and i helping the kids with the palm printing on the t-shirt.

 if you would like to reach a hand to these children , there are many ways to get involved, which are 

  • through hosting parties,  
  • volunteering,
  • giving in-kind donations, 
  • financial support, 
  • and most of  all your prayers. 

There is a place for you and everyone to get connected - contact  them via their facebook page   or visit them on their website  www.everlastinghope.org

As Always, Thank You for your continued support. Please don' forget to resteem, upvote , comment your thoughts and follow me for more content. 



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Wow you really have a good heart @purpletanzanite..


Hi dear, am humbled that you think so. Lets keep doing good whenever we can. Cheers..


Yes dear =) Thank you for being such a good steemians..

very touching:):)
God bless your heart!

you put a lot of smiles to their faces,you have a good 💓💓💓💓


Am humbled.. 😊😊

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