What's in your bag?

in #life4 years ago

Every now and then i get asked "whats in your bag that your always with" and my response... "my costume b******"
^__^ Well sometimes at least.

I thought i'd share what the contents of my bag are. Below is a list of somethings that you will always find in my bag

  • A doodle pad: because these ideas just come and the next thing you know they might be gone before i get to that pen and pad, so i always go around with one and i make sure that it is always within reach.

  • My journal: because hey!!! Life is always happening so fats right?

  • My ear-plugs: we all know why we keep these don't we

  • A nice pair of shades

  • My mints

  • And...sometimes i have things i cannot mention here....I'm sure we feel me

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