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Quotes...quotes...quotes....i cannot even begin to say how much quotes are a big part of my life, because poetry is really life. Increasing your awareness through strife, someone came up with such a symphony of words and even in your present day and time the application of this symphony leaves you in awe of the human mind.

I could write a poem o quotes too you know?...but ill juts share two of my favorites

  1. In the choice of two things a man must only heed his advice. In the choice of a wife and a camel...Bartlet's anthology of quotes

  2. Advice goes to that which is giving it...Chinese proverb

Hope you liked? O well it's not for everyone either way ^__^

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Wow! :) You've got some really good tastes of quotes!

Would've loved it the more if it was to be a little longer. Good article. Thanks


Wow, that took a year :D

^_^ sorry about that....i havent been steeming like i ought to