Unsent Love Letter #2

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Thoughts of Passion Linger on...

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It's been a week since I left town. The car was packed tight; I couldn't see out the back windows. If you opened the passenger side door stuff would fall out. I could barely close the trunk. I walked out of that damn building where I wasted the past few years of my life without one look back.

Went over to my brother's place to spend the night on his couch. On the way I stopped and left you a note. Did you get it? Did you trash it? At this point it doesn't matter.

I woke up the next morning at 5:30 am; the house was still asleep. Without so much as a cup of coffee or saying goodbye, I walked out the door. Went to the car and started the drive down here.

                          It's Saturday Night
                          Somewhere in Florida
                          Down By The Shoreline
                          Watching a Long Slender Bird Standing in the Water
                          Under The Night Sky Full Of Stars.....

Into my mind wanders these thoughts of you. Magnetic Sexual Attraction! For why else would I have these ever ongoing thoughts of a highly erotic nature involving you and me? Man - Woman - Positive Charge - Negative Charge - What Happens When The Two Electric Currents Meet? Like a moth to the flame I would have gotten burned; singed in the fire.

I imagine the feel of your slightly rough hands move up my legs, from the bottom of my calves towards the inside of my thighs. As I take a slow deep breath in, you spread my legs apart. Your groin moving closer to mine. I feel the slight roughness of one hand move up the side of my abdomen and still farther up the inside of my arm. Your other hand reaches for my breast and I close my eyes. You take my breast into your mouth...

How I'd like to feel your body close to mine. How I'd like to feel your hands all over. But you're not here. It's just me and this bird along the shoreline, under the dark night sky.

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