Unsent Love Letter

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Friday Night
Somewhere in Florida
By The Bay Under the
Night Sky Full of Stars


I know I said I would not bother you again, and I meant it.

This is so unlike me, here I am writing this stupid letter. I've never been prone to crushes or infatuation before; so why now? Was I hit by Cupid's arrow or bitten by a love bug? Where is Cupid, so I can take his arrow and beat him with it. If I find that bug I'll squash it.

I left Chicago and drove down to Florida with whatever I could shove into the car. I'm at some lady's rental cottage, much nicer & cheaper than a hotel. Temporary place for the next few days.

So I spent the past 2 days in Florida looking for a permanent rental for the year and while driving around.....

      Thoughts of You Kept Popping In My Mind. 
      For 2 days, thoughts of my naked body  wrapped around yours.  
      The feel of your hands along my legs, my back, my arms, my breasts.....

All sorts of thoughts. Today I thought I finally purged you and bedroom thoughts out of my system. What The Hell, tonight it pops back up again.

I realize this is all ridiculous. You did nothing wrong, But My God Man- thanks a lot for your call from from out of the blue and that last fucking coffee. It set all this off again and this time stronger than before.

All my encounters with you were crossed wires, mis-matched. What a disaster. I wasn't even interested in having a relationship with anyone, ever again, so long as I live. So why am I writing this letter & being so impulsive?

That's what this letter is it's impulsive & it goes against the laws of nature. Sun does not circle the earth.

         Moon Circles Earth
         Earth Circles Sun
         Man Circles Woman...

If anything good was ever going to result from my meeting you, it would have been you initiating the contact, not me. I broke the laws of nature. Yah Man Circles Woman that would be nice right now.

uh oh >>> there go those bedroom thoughts again......

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